June 1st, 2007


Knocked out by blunt head trauma question

I just searched the site and can't believe no one has yet asked the sample question: "If I hit my character in the head like so, what will happen?"

I do so now! It seems in the movies that it does not take much to knock a person unconscious with a blunt object (be it rock, pan, oar, etc) and that it never seems to cause permanent harm.

I have a scene where a character is knocked out to disable them, but not to injure them (cause brain damage, that is). First, what part of the head would be least likely to cause terrible harm? (I was thinking the back), second, is it really so easy to hit someone unconscious?, and third, has anyone here actually been knocked unconscious with one of those blunt-object-hits-noggin situations? I assume you'd come-to confused, in great pain, and with a big lump (or is that only in Tom and Jerry cartoons?)