May 31st, 2007

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I'm writing a story wherein a young girl (age 10) falls in a river during the winter and develops hypothermia. I read on wikipedia that attempting to warm a hypothermia victim with your own body heat may result in your developing hypothermia. Is that true? I can't find confirmation.

Furthermore, I would like the person (age approx. 11) who tries to save the young girl to DIE of hypothermia and for the girl to recover. Could a pre-existing condition be exacerbated by the hypothermia?

Also, if it makes a difference, this would be in 1979 USA, not in the present day.

Thank you for any help!

ETA: Thank you so much for your help, I'm definitely going to go with pneumonia instead as that seems much more realistic.

Santa Muerte and Iglesia Católica Tradicionalista mexicana-estadunidense

Hello everyone,

I'm doing some work on a story in which Santa Muerte (The Mexican Saint of Death) plays a prominent role. I've got a pretty good grasp on the subject, however I can always use some more info, particularly if anyone knows of any lengthy (perhaps scholarly) discussions of the Saint, (and preferably in English, my Spanish is only good enough to make translation possible, but painstaking).

However there's another direction regarding this that I'm trying to find information about. Wikipedia's entry on Santa Muerte states "Saint Death is worshiped by the Iglesia Católica Tradicionalista mexicana-estadunidense, a church not related to the Roman Catholic church." And in true Wikipedia style there is no further information on what Iglesia Católica Tradicionalista mexicana-estadunidense is. If any one has any information, or references you can pass on to me I would be most grateful. I've googled the whole phrase, and found nothing, and as most of the key words are pretty common I'm at a loss. I've also done some religious and social sciences database searching, all to no avail.