May 30th, 2007


After hours clean-up in restaurant

Location and time: Present day, North America

Google: maintenance responsibilities in restaurants, restaurant dishpits, etc. There was little information specific to these questions, and what there was was unclear and conflicting. I'm more looking for opinions from a few different people who have worked in this type of place anyways, as I trust that more than a computer search.

In a screenplay I'm writing, two of my MC's work in a "family diner," as it were. It would be roughly equivalent to a Smitty's (I guess a bit nicer than a Denny's, to use a broader example), nice enough but not all that uppity. It's perhaps a bit on the small side when it comes to size.

1. In this type of restaurant, would dishes created by the kitchen staff (food preparation and the like) be cleaned in the dishpit, or in the sinks by kitchen staff? Or maybe in a seperate dishwasher or industrial sanitizer in the kitchen?

2. Also, who would be responsible for cleaning the dining area after hours? I'd assume kitchen staff would clean up the kitchen, but as for the dining area, would it be the servers, or maybe busboys or dishies?

3. One more. Who would most likely be responsible for bathroom maintenance?

ETA: Thanks everyone for the help. I've been in the food service industry my whole working life too, but never in a restaurant, so this confirmed what I figured and gave me other ideas for how the place would be run. Those belt-run sanitizers are pretty handy-dandy. Thanks again!

US army question

Setting: Present day United States

I'm looking for some basic information on the US Army. I've searched the Army's website plus a few others, however, everything out there seems to be a little too detailed, and most of the things I'm needing are things you'd find out in an interview with a recruiter, it seems. So I guess what I'm hoping for is that people out there have personal experience to maybe share.

Basically, for the rpg I'm in, my character's sister will be joining the army. She has already interviewed with a recruiter and will leave for basic training at some point this summer. I have a ton of great information on what is involved in basic training so I'm good on that, but what I'm looking for is what will happen after that. I'm looking for her to end up going into combat in Iraq rather than ending up with a stateside position at a base. How long after basic training would be most likely to be sent over? And how long is a typical tour of duty over there?
(2) In Soviet Russia.. by Alexander

Believable Digital Camera

This is where my lack of knowledge of technology comes back to haunt me. I wouldn't know where to start on Google, cause i need some opinions.

What is a believable type of good camera a smart college photography major would use? Needs to be digital (for the story), and really high quality, but believable for a college student who makes 1000$ a year to own? I saw some guides on good cameras online, but some where like...5000 dollars, which doesn't sound like something my character would own.

Of course, story takes place in the present, and if it helps, the character is a female? I just need a name or model, so I can sound like I know what I'm talking about. lol