May 29th, 2007


Translation help

I don't know anything at all about the language, and I certainly don't trust a translation site to do it for me, so I'd like to ask if anyone can do this off the top of their head.
I need 'volcano day' translated into Itallian. Anything close is good, perhaps 'day of the volcano' or 'day of the eruption'.
I'm not asking anyone to go trawling around looking it up, just if you happen to be familiar enough with the language to think 'ahah! I can help this ignorant writer out!'

Got my answers - thanks to everyone who helped me out!

USA cities, pro gay, with snow in winter, fries and gravy served in restaurants

I have no idea how to google for this so I haven't even tried (my google-fu is usually weak anyways, but if you can think of a workable search string, that'd ALSO be terrific).

Okay, I'm looking for a city in the U.S.A. where not only same sex shennanigans are a common part of the scenery, but also where fries and gravy are a "normal" food in restaurants. Preferably cities that are Northern enough to have snow and ice during some part of the winter. The smaller the city the better (though I know small cities are usually more closed minded about same sex couples and strip clubs, so this isn't a "must have" but someplace small with maybe only one or two gay clubs would be great!)

EDIT: Wow, okay, you guys are amazingly fast! Thanks so much! I think it's been decided to go with Northampton, Massachusetts, especially since there already is a diner there with it on the menue and has a thriving local gay community.

Thank you EVERYONE, this was amazing!

Victorian attitudes to disabled people

Looking for your help again...

Time: Mid 19th century.
Place: England.

What were general attitudes to people with physical disabilities like in Victorian England? I've googled with terms like 'disability 19th century attitudes', 'physical disability 19th century' etc. but all I can find is general information on Darwin's theories, the treatment of casualties of wars and some literary examples and essays on them. What I would like to find is more concrete examples about the difficulties disabled people faced in Victorian society. For example, was it harder to get a good status in the society? (I'm mostly interested in the upper middle class but also other social groups.) I'd also like to know if it made a difference if the person was disabled since birth or got injured in an accident, a war or something like that. Also, if someone could point out some useful articles or books, I'd be more than happy to read them.

Thanks a lot in advance!