May 27th, 2007


world war ii: normandy casualty handling

Hi! I'm writing a story set during the Normandy campaign of WWII, specifically about Easy Company, 16th Regiment, 1st Division, V Corps (so, the US Army). I've hunted for specific information about the group, and while the internet's been very helpful on most things, one gap in my information is about the system for casualties in battle. I'm trying to learn:

-How bodies were handled during D-Day and its immediate aftermath

-How casualties were reported. I've found good information about the chain of information from a centralized source back to families, but almost nothing about how statistics of deaths on the battlefield made it to central command. Were the reports filed that night? A few dates later? At the most basic level, who would be the first person to report that (ie, within the company or regiment).

Thank you so much!
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Inner workings of a Mental Hospital

I'm ready to tear out my hair over all the blocked journals, articles, and information I keep NOT getting due to the fact I'm NOT a psychiatrist, psychologist, or nurse in a mental institution. And the stuff I do get--it's out-of-date material and photos.

JSTOR has a crapload of everything I need, but no archives are open to me and I'm not paying eighty-five bucks to see an article. *grumbles*

I've even entertained the notion of admitting myself to a modern day facility just to see how they operate, but uh, someone advised me not to do (I might never get out).

Terms googled: Oh, so many.

Mental hospitals , mental hospital floor plans, interiors, Mental facilities, psychiatric jobs,  job vacancies, Mental health, then and now, head nurses, RN's, LPN's, Psychiatric aids, qualifications of psychiatric jobs, nurse life in a mental ward, psychiatric hospitals,  patient life, procedures for mental facilities, psychiatric handbook, nurse job duties, patient care inside mental hospital, state mental hospitals, state psychiatric wards, prison wards, virtual tour mental hospital, staff within a psychiatric hospital...and I could go on...

Anyway, I googled till I was blue in the face and crossing my eyes...and if I google anymore I'm going to hurt something.

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LOL, yes, lots of questions! Please help me out and prevent me from signing myself into one of these places for research! (I'm joking about that last part...)