May 20th, 2007


Rosaries and Young Catholics in Poland

Setting: Modern Poland

I'm doing a rewrite on an RP character of mine. The RP itself takes place in Britain, but the character is a recent emigre from Poland. He's about 15 and to contrast his cousin, a hyper-intellectual cynic and atheist, he's a devout Catholic and rather interested in the histories and rituals of the church. I have a vague notion about giving him an heirloom rosary that will have some sort of personal meaning to him, and herein lies the question. What would he do with it on a daily basis? Would it be sacreligious (or just plain weird) for him to wear it around his neck? Carry it in his pocket? When would be a reasonable time for him to say his rosary? Would it be more likely he'd say it in Polish or Latin, given that he speaks fluent Polish and only the Latin he's picked up from hobbyist study of church texts?

P.S. Thanks to everyone who answered about my 1920s story, your insights were great. :)
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common addictive medications used in small cell lung cancer pallative care in America

I'm working on a story where the MC's father is dying of terminal small cell lung cancer. I originally had researched and chosen Oxycontin as the drug the MC steals from her dying father, but oxycodone only increases the risk of respiratory depression in patients with lung problems, so I've read.

So, I need a drug that:
-can be abused and is pretty addictive
-is used in pallative care to ease pain associated with cancer
-won't aggravate the symptoms of the father's small cell lung cancer (ie: respiratory depression increasing the risk for arrest)
-could be administered by a hospice nurse

Also, if you're feeling up to it:
-how would said drug make one feel? I can look up side effects until the cows come home, but I have no idea what taking them would actually feel like. If you or a friend have taken a drug that fits the above description and feel like sharing your physical and emotional sensations, please do. However, I don't mean withdrawl symptoms. How does the drug make one feel while underneath it's influence? Preferably when used without being monitored by a doctor.
-Is the respiratory warning that big of a risk in pallative care? I was considering either morphine or codeine as alternative choices, but I know that morphine has the same respiratory warning as Oxycontin. Is the respiratory depression only a concern when death isn't inevitable?

Thanks in advance. You're fantastic, really.

EDIT: Sorry about forgetting to mention these things. This takes place in America. I've searched through wikipedia and google for things concerning lung cancer treatments, side effects, addiction and both generic and specific drug names.
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Menstruation in Space

Search Terms Used: "women in space" "menstruation in space" "fertility in space" and various combinations with and without quotes

I'm looking for information or studies involved with how women menstruate in space. Mostly what I've found is that women prefer to use birth control pills to stop their periods while in space, due to them not wanting to deal with such hygiene in zero gravity. The Canadian Space Association did have the question, "Do Women Menstruate in Space" in their FAQ, saying that yes they did menstruate normally, but didn't give much information beyond that.

I have always thought that the moon had a lot to do with menstruation (28 days in a moon cycle, 28 days in a menstrual cycle, coincidence? I think not!), so I was wondering if anyone has done any studies regarding changes in the menstrual cycle when a woman is in space for a long period of time. I found a lot of websites with lists of female astronauts and how long they'd been in space, but no mention of how their cycles were affected (if at all).

I mainly wish someone had given birth in space, there would probably be more answers if and when that happens! But until then, I'd like to try and form a theory from the information available.

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Firing guns upside down and Looking Dramatic

Time: Modern day
Setting: America (happy fun land!)

Is it even remotely possible to do this:

Without breaking an arm, setting your hair on fire or otherwise Doing Bad Things to Yourself or should I just leave this particular stunt in the world of anime physics?

The character attempting this isn't really trying to hit anything; she's more interested in the intimidation value of "I HAEV A GUN AND I CAN SHOOT IT UPSIDE DOWN".

She also has a rifle instead of an outrageously huge handgun and is holding onto it with both hands, if this changes the general plausibility.

ETA: I've googled "firing guns upside down" and gotten that it won't jam an automatic and makes them awkward to handle, but not "firing them over the shoulder and not hurting yourself".