May 19th, 2007

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Literature about pirates written & published before 1850

I have NO idea if this even exists, as many attempts at Googling and researching this has led to a brick wall. But....

I'm needing a book that was about pirates or piracy, preferably fictional (but could be factual), that was published by/before the year of 1850. The most classic example of pirate lit, Treasure Island, was not out quite this early, so it won't do.

Making this even more challenging, I'd prefer a piece of lit that glamorizes the life instead of making it sound extremely grim and unappealing. I have found a few pieces of writing that were non-fictional accounts of roaming with pirates or meeting up with them that were rather negative.

So far, this has proved the most helpful: Reefs, Wrecks and Rascals: The Pirate Legacy of the Spanish Main. The problem is that the synopsis provided are sort of vague, and the books fairly obscure.

Not sure if this matters, but the character who would read this would be American, born and bred. So the text should have been translated or written in English.

Any suggestions or titles to pass along that may fit this double bill? Thanks!
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children of parent with albinism

I'm searching for information on the children of a parent with albinism. The mother is the spoken individual, with Oculocutaneous albinism type 1, and of Middle Easter/Indian descent. The father is Caucasian, brown hair, brown eyes, and is not a carrier of the gene.

If they were to have a child, would they simply take on the traits of the father alone, or could the mother's original genes still be accessible, and allow the child darker skin and black hair, for example?

Search strings were varying combinations of "albinism, albino, children and mothers" and so on, with results that only seemed to bring up mothers of children with albinism.

Any insight on this would be awesome. Thank you!