May 16th, 2007


Wine and Food Pairings, Etiquette

Hello, my useful, useful friends!

Search Terms Used: "wine" "wine pairing" "Wine and cheese" "Wine with fish" "restaurant etiquette" and various combinations of the aforementioned

I need a crash course in the pairings of wine and food. I've done some quick browsing on the internet so I'm familiar with the Wiki pages on the subject, but I would like some personal experiences individual folks such as yourselves. What is YOUR favorite wine and food pairing? What do you like to drink with fish entrees, and how do the wines bring out the particular flavors? What do you like to drink with steak, and how do the flavors come out in that? Does anyone have a particular brand and year that they love? What are some versatile wines that can be paired with pretty much anything? What is the worst combo, and how do the flavors clash?

Wine and cheese pairing experience would be awesome too, I need any and all of your personal wine experiences!

Also, if anyone knows of any great but obscure websites for wine info (those that don't pop right up for whatever reason when you type in "wine" in google).

AND I would also love some info on restaurant etiquette, although it's not as pressing a need as the wine stuff.

Thanks all so much~!