May 10th, 2007

Morgue details

Not really sure how to research this one.
I need a few details on How Things Are Generally Run in morgues. US, mostly modern day (though anything going back as far as 50 years or so Might Come Up.)
Primary questions are: 1. Could someone (of normal human strength) in one of those body drawers like you see on TV (do real morgues have those?) get herself out of one of those if she got shut into one while alive? (well, technically, if it matters, while dead, but coming to life after, so no getting out via funny business when she's put in) and 2. are hospital morgues generally staffed 24 hours, or not, or does it vary?
But any details or sources anyone wants to throw in would be appreciated.
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Inbred mythological figure names? Oh my.

This is kind of a strange one, but bear with me....

I have a male character who needs a name. For reasons along the lines of "just trust me on this," I want his first and middle names to reference mythological figures who were the product of brother-sister incest. For this to work, I of course need a list of such mythological figures. Bonus points if their name is slightly less weird than "Sinfjötli", such it could actually work to be named after them. In general, I like my names to be slightly more interesting than "Bob," but nothing you'd have to bifurcate your tongue to pronounce. "Fitela" (the Anglo-Saxon version of Sinfjötli, according to Wikipedia,) flirts with edge of the too-exotic side, but it could work. Maybe as the middle name or something. We'll see, though--it depends on if there are any other good names out there!

I exhausted the mythological reference section on Wikipedia's article on incest, and unless I was really unobservant, Googling "incest in mythology" didn't seem to bring up anything that Wikipedia didn't already have. After combining what I found with what I happened to already know, I have Sinfjötli/Fitela, Mordred, Ares, and Horus. Of these, "Mordred Fitela" is probably the best first/middle name combination I can come up with so far. Any help is much appreciated! And...uh...sorry for the weirdness.

Disease resistance when moving between worlds

The setting is a fantasy world of a similar technological level to our own. The native population in the region I'm writing about are mostly urban and, until fifteen year ago, there was a lot of migration between different regions.

Fifteen years back, a disaster destroyed the next universe over (it's well established in this story that there are multiple worlds with mostly human populations) and led to a huge influx of refugees. These refugees are from a nomadic herder society. They are settled in refugee camps on the edges of most major cities.

Over time the continuing aftereffects of the disaster make the roads between cities effectively impassable and the central government gives way to various local authorities.

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Thanks in advance for any help you can offer :)