May 9th, 2007


Iron bullets

Having Googled "iron bullets," "iron bullets ballistics," and read up on different types of ammunition, I gather—possibly incorrectly—that 1) any object that you can fire out of a gun is potentially deadly, and 2) besides iron alloys used occasionally in jacketed bullets, it's not a common material to make ammunition out of.

So what I'm wondering is why—would it be more expensive than lead, or less effective, or less accurate, or what? And what would a bullet made from solid iron, fired from a handgun, do on impact in terms of spinning, mushrooming, or fragmenting?

Also, there's a flashback scene to the Battle of Stalingrad (because this is a crackfic). I can find the sorts of guns that both armies were using fairly easily, but not what their ammunition was like. Any ideas?

This is an urban fantasy, but that's not an excuse for getting everything wrong.


Edit: You guys are the best!