May 7th, 2007

Dislocated shoulder

Hi everybody... I hope someone can help me.

I'm trying to find out what the process of dislocating a shoulder feels like. I googled it, but all the information that comes up is about what it feels like *after* it's happened, not the feeling *while* it actually happens.

I'll be grateful for any tips! Thanks a lot in advance.

How long to lose mental ability/how much over a certain time? [England, modern]

All i've managed to turn up so far has been about people isolated as children, and the effects on them once they reach adulthood.

The person i'm looking at attended school until 14, had a "normal" English education. Average intelligence, nothing special but far from stupid. Then, for the next 20 or so years, he's not really read anything except a clock, nor had to write anything.

How much is reading like riding a bike? If he was told to write his name now, at 34, could he? And what if he was given something to read - would he be able to? Of course he's been exposed to writing in the form of seeing roadsigns, or things in shops, but nothing that he's been actively trying to take notice of and process.
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Pain in the neck?

How would one describe the sensation of stabbed (by something like a needle) in the side of the neck? Getting bitten also counts.

(This could also be construed as an excuse to ask your boy/girlfriend to give you a wicked hickey, but I'm not implying anything. DISCLAIMER: this post does not endorse any vampiric activity. At all.)

It isn't hard enough to kill instantly, but it does draw blood and eventual death by puncturing some essential artery is reasonable. ( it possible to do it without death? That could give me some leeway.) Would the pain be similar to, oh, getting stabbed in a less vital area (needle in the arm?). More painful? Less painful? Any particular sensations I should know about?

Because writing "it hurt a lot" isn't what I'm aiming for.

Google-fu used: feeling, pain, side, neck, stabbed. Chiropractors aren't the links I'm looking for.