May 5th, 2007

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First days on antidepressants

Modern day setting.

One of my MCs is put on antidepressants after a suicide attempt. How would the medicines make him feel the first few days?

Googling phrases like "antidepressants side effects" and "antidepressants first days" gives me a laundry list of possible symptoms, a lot of whom I can use, but I feel I need some personal experiences. I know the first days have an increased risk of suicidal thoughts, but what other symptoms are likely to only occur in the beginning?

I assume that the first time on a new drug is a bit like my medicines; a few weeks of hellish side effects and then a normalization on a few side effects that I just have to deal with. Is the deal the same with anti depressants?

Would he have fewer or more side effects the first 2-3 days or not?

How long before his system "normalized" and the side effects he had was the ones he was "stuck with"?

Is it plausible for him to block out the suicide attempt, try to give reasons and call it an accident to avoid having to think about the things that made him crack? He's "experienced" at blocking out trauma...

ETA: thank you to everyone who answered. You guys are awesome!

Modern Day England - doping someone.

I'm willing to admit this might not even be possible, but.

I'm looking for something that can be put in my character's morning drink (orange juice or coffee) or in his cereal. Preferably would take 1-2 hours to work. And it needs to make him not noticably sloppy, I don't want him out of things, but fairly relaxed, agreeable.

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ETA: Thanks, seem to have a solution now.
It's a pie thing

Catholic penance following confession

I already know the basic shape and intent of Catholic confession and penance, but what I don’t know is a Catholic’s attitude toward the types of penance handed out. So this question is directed toward lapsed and practicing Catholics.

When you were growing up, what was the worst kind of penance the priest might assign you? Was it X number of Hail Marys, X number of Our Fathers, X number of hours helping out the ladies auxiliary? What made you groan and grumble with your friends?

If you’re a practicing Catholic and willing to answer, what’s the most problematic penance you’ve had to perform as an adult? I’m not interested in why you received that particular penance -- I just want to know what it was.

Female veterinarians in Japan

I'm having problems trying to figure out how to word my question so I use it in a search.

I need to figure out how much a mother who works in a vet's office would make (rough estimate needed) and if she and her husband, who is a teacher, would be able to maintain a large household. (Two of her siblings with their spouses died in a car accident and she adopted the five children of the siblings all together, so now she and her husband have *eight* children.)

Friends have told me that it's hard for a woman to become a vet but does that hold true in Japan?

Also, could say her oldest daughter, 15-16, be able to volunteer there to help? (I know there's rules in some schools against the students working but is there anything against volunteering?)