May 3rd, 2007

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Post-kidnapping debriefing

The setting is the US, circa ten years ago.

The situation is this, I have a boy who was abducted at age 4. At age 17, he comes to the attention of authorities for relatively benign reasons (vagrancy, concern for his welfare). He's uncertain about his real name, age---he gives it as a year younger---and he's evasive about where he's been and parts of his story are questionable. He doesn't appear to be a runaway; he expresses eagerness to be reunited with his "real" family whom he vaguely remembers. Under the circumstances, what steps would a rural/small-town law enforcement offical take at that point?

I have searched a variety of terms such as abduction, kidnapping, child-stealing, Stockholm syndrome, deprogramming; I know that the FBI database was in effect at the time of his disappearence AND that the file would have remained in the system indefinitely, unless removed. However, info on how they would go about to establish his identity is needed---because he's so much older, dental record wouldn't help, and he's unclear about his vital statistics. Would it be unreasonable for the locals to contact the FBI, and if so, what kind of Bureau response would they get? Would the Bureau be more concerned with getting information about the abductor, or with finding out who he is?

first question guys :)

Hi, my story is about an aspiring writer with Aspergers syndrome who has is limited in his technical knowledge. It is set in Belgium (which is now underground in the story and under an acid lake) in the year 2029

If they were on the Internet and needed to search for something, what would be a good name for them, and would there be any sort of Big Brother like authority standing by to euthanise them for being utterly useless?

I tried googling "useless twat", "write my book for me" and "i can't use a search engine."

Volcanic Homes

First time poster here, so please go easy?

I'm looking for materials most likely to be used when building homes in an area that's prone to volcanic eruptions. What would most likely to withstand the occasional volcanic ash and rare lava flows where the volcano is very active?

I've tried: Building volcano home/s, materials, volcanic, home, volcano-resistant, etc.

Story takes place in a western kind of setting and time. No guns and the like though, more magic rather than tech.

Thank you in advance!

Indian (as in East, for you North Americans) surnames.

I have a character in a short story who is of Indian descent (3rd generation immigrant, vaguely observant Hindu) whose first name is Devesh. I am seeking a surname for him, or to find out if his name is from an area where surnames are not used, in which case I would go with the first initial convention. Problem is, I don't know whether or not Devesh has a general locale associated with it, so I can't give him a proper surname. Help? Anyone?
iconzicons, Harry

The body's reaction to injury

I'm writing a short piece that involves me comparing the aftermath of what somebody has said to the body's reaction to an injury of some kind. I'm thinking a very heavy blow to the stomach/chest area.

I've tried wiki and google for shock/nervous shock and "the body's reaction to injury" "the body's immediate reaction to injury" "the body's immediate response to a blow in the stomach" and I also stuck chest in last query too.

I have no medical background at all, and really have no idea what to search for.
Any pointers in the right direction or resources of how the body reacts to these things would be useful.

I've been hit in the stomach before, and I can recall the actual feelings that come with it but I'm more interested in the actual processes the body goes through internally to make the write up more interesting/valid. Anybody elses experiences with blows of this kind could also be useful.

Obviously time/setting aren't important because all body's have always reacted the same.

Thank you.
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