May 2nd, 2007


Safe Drinking Water

My character lives in a post-apocalyptic world and is traveling across The Great Unknowntm and will need adequate drinking water.

I've Googled all manner of things and all I can find is how to make drinking water safe if your camping or hiking. However, if she had grown up often drinking stream water (along with well water, which would be cleaner) would it still be necessary to boil water, etc.?

If it rained would she collect rain water to avoid having to boil stream water?


ETA: The apocalypse happened about 4 generations ago, so rain water is ok (y'all helped me with that one earlier ^_^)
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1890's equivalents of modern computer slang

Location: North America, Europe - I know that's sort of broad. My characters get around. Ethnically, they are white European vampires from various countries.

Time: 19th century. Specifically, the 1890s and previously.

Question: What would be a 19th-century word for "noob"? I mean one that has the same meaning and connotation. I can't think of any way to search for this, and for some reason I'm drawing a blank on synonyms, so help!

Edited to add: Thanks, everybody! I think I'm going to go with "tyro," but if you have any additional suggestions I'd love to hear them!