April 29th, 2007

Improvisation in DIY photography

I'd like some advice on self-developing and printing films (black and white in particular). I've googled and read some how-to guides about developing film using developer, stop bath and fixer and printing it using an enlarger, photographic paper and the same developer/stop bath/fixer routine.

My question is: Improvisation. if someone is lacking some of the professional elements needed in DIY photography, such as ready made developer, stop bath, fixer or if certain equipment is broken (the enlarger, perhaps), is it possible to MacGyver one's way through the process? Such as mixing chemicals from other available, off-the-shelf materials/household products? Improvising, somehow? Of course the quality won't be as good, but it's the creativity that counts.

Googling "photography chemicals" and variants thereof has turned up a guide to the chemical ingredients in the developer, stop bath and fixer, but not how to improvise/be creative if one doesn't have access to these from a professional photo shop.

Advice/help or any useful internet resources much appreciated. Thanks!

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How could a girl see through walls?

My final paper for science fiction is due on Monday, and I'm writing a short story. The "fiction" part is all well and dandy...but the "science" part, not so much.

Question to anyone who has an answer:

Can you think of a plausible way a girl could gain the power to see through walls?

I have some thoughts on depth perception, light, yadda yadda... but in all reality, it's crap. Maybe I'll just pull the radioactive spider bite. Or super-evolution. Or the alien-human hybrid excuse? Ideas? Bueller? ...Bueller?

Edit: I tried a Google search for "X-Ray vision." Nothing I really liked.
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help with prison details

Hey guys ! I need someone to help me with a fanfiction. it's a prison fic, although we don't see anything about prison life. I'm writing it from an outsider's POV, who's having sessions with a character to make his profile, and I need someone to help me with the prison protocol.

Here are some questions :

what would it take for a shrink/profiler to get to talk on a weekly basis with a con ? Who would give them the authorisation ?

when, as a consultant or something, opposed to a visitor ( meaning, the profiler would meet the convicted in a room alone, rather than the usual family meeting room... ), you enter the building, what would the procedure be ? How do you get the pass ? who walks you around ? Who do you meet to get through the doors to the room ?

Thank you for your help =)

ETA : sorry for the lack of information... The scene would take place in Iowa, USA, current time. ( I chose Iowa because there is no death penalty there, and the charges against the character would have granted him that death penalty. Think mass murderer, only worse. )

I have another question : what would a con's ID number look like ? As in, how many numbers/letters would it contain ?
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Etymology time!

What is the actual origin of the term "long pig", used in reference to cannibalism?

I'm trying to figure out if this term would be appropriate in a 16th century setting, or if not, what term might be used instead.

Searches include various combinations of "long pig" 15th, 16th, century, cannibal(sim), origin

What little I can find is vague and often contradictory... and no alternate terms are coming up.
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Hi guys. I've been busy lately, so I haven't been paying as much attention to this community as I should be. Judging by some of the recent posts, it's about time for a rule reminder.

Please double-check the rules before posting.

A lot of you are forgetting to include information on setting and previous searches.

If your post breaks one of the posting rules, I'll probably still approve it and just ask you to edit - but you won't be removed from the moderation queue. If it breaks more than one, it will probably be rejected with an invitation for you to edit it and resubmit. Reading over the rules before you hit "Post" will save you (and me) some time.