April 27th, 2007

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Improper bone healing?

Right. So my character fractured his shin bone/tibia a couple years ago. The bone was set incorrectly, and didn't heal quite right. So he's walking with a permanent limp now. (At least, I'm fairly certain it'd be permanent?)

... but my real question is why do people with improperly-healed-bones limp? Does it actually hurt to walk? Can the leg not hold the weight anymore? Is it a balance thing? Why the limp?

I've read up on bone healing on Wiki, and I know that my boy's smoking habits would have complicated the bone growth, etc etc. But for describing his movement, I want to know why the limp is happening, why he's not putting weight on it.

Thanks! :D
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Language acquisition

I have a question for you clever people about acquiring a second language.  

My character is 14-15, and through a bunch of irrelevant circumstances is stranded in a foreign country where literally noone speaks English.  She has a basic knowledge of the language: basic sentence structure, small vocabulary, she can maybe ask where the toilet is and how much for a loaf of bread.  

How long would it realistically take for her to become reasonably fluent?  I read the wikipedia entry on the subject and a couple of articles, but they mostly apply to studying a foreign language in a classroom rather than learning it to function.

Can anyone help?  I suppose I'm most interested in personal experiences.

Cool electronics; also, current synonyms for the word "cool"

I need two plausible lines of dialogue that someone from America might say if they are really into electronics, computers, etc. He has just arrived in Japan and is looking at some really great stuff in a shop window. At the moment, I have this:


2. "Check out the whangdoodle on the fibulator!"

Can someone provide me with two sentences that are not gibberish?

Also, can someone who either is an American teenager or knows some give me a few ultra-current synonyms for "cool?" Please do not give me non-current words from your own adolescence, unless you are sixteen right now.

Old-fashioned sewing machines

Is there anyone here who could give me an idea of what an old-fashioned sewing machine--the kind with a treadle, from the early 1900s--sounds like?

I've found several sites with general information about old sewing machines, and even one with a bulletin board for people who actually sew on them and rhapsodize about preferring them to electric ones--but nary a word about what they sound like. Does the treadle creak or thump? What about the belt?

ETA: Thank you all--I shouldn't be surprised by now at how quickly and usefully questions are answered here, but it's still kind of amazing.
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Slow-ish death from a gunshot wound to the throat

When: Roughly equivalent to the late 18th or early 19th century (only really relevant because of the type of gun!)

Where: Not relevant.

Searches tried: "shot in the neck" + injuries, "shot in the throat" + injuries, "gunshow wound to the throat" + injuries, also all of the above with "death" and "death duration" instead of "injuries". (I'm probably not using the right keywords, since this is a kind of specific question!)

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EDIT: Aaaaaand I think I'm answered already. Thanks sollersuk!