April 25th, 2007

UK 1975: Santa Clause and DNA

Two quick questions about the UK in 1975:

1) What would two lower-class men in their mid-twenties say: Santa Clause or Father Christmas?

2) How effective were methods of identity discovery from bones? That is, if some bones were found, was there the technology to discover whose they were?

Amazing. Completely amazing. You guys should get an award. Many, many thanks. :)
Abandon, Dance

Need to create a museum name

For a museum of Archeology in San Francisco. It needs to be a museum that is big enough and important enough to draw experts from the East Coast to want to work there. Naming conventions exist for a reason, but I can't get a handle on this thing.

Time: present
Universe: ours
Established: In the late '50's (say 1959), this first part of this museum was built.
Major museums in San Fran: California Acadamy of Sciences, Asian Art Museum of SF, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The de Young (Fine Arts Museum in San Francisco).

Most of them have names that are either descriptive of what they house or where they are -- with the exception of the de Young.

Searches: Museums in San Fran, Archaeological Museums

Not finding anything particularly useful... most of what I'm finding is "University Archaeological Museums" -- and this one isn't tied to a University...

Ideas in my head:

  • San Francisco Museum of Acrhaeology - Named for what it does and the City

  • Fleishhacker Museum of Archeology - Named for a prominent family that helped establish the museum in the late 50's

(Smaller museums in the City: Smaller museums in San Fran: Mexican Museum, Museao Italo Americano, the San Francisco African American Historical/Cultural Society, the San Francisco Craft & Folk Art Museum, Cable Car Barn Museum, North Beach Museum for photos of old S.F., Musee Mecanique (antique mechanical amusement machines below the Cliff House on the beach), The San Francisco Fire Department Museum, the San Francisco Performing Arts Library Library & Museum, Treasure Island Museum.)

Any input, opinions or info greatly appreciated!

EDIT: I think I'm going with a "major benefactor" -- now to figure out how to nail down which major San Francisco families were still actively involvolved in patronage in the late '50s'....