April 20th, 2007

Emo homeschoolers

I'm homeschooled, currently in college, and I know little about emo culture. I want to have a homeschooled character take an interest in all things emo, but then a friend of mine (from public school) told me that emo and homeschool don't mix. To elaborate: she thinks a homeschooler wouldn't identify with something that originated in the cliques of high school. I wouldn't call myself emo or anything similar, and I never knew any homeschoolers that did. Though I know many people deny the emo label. Do you know any homeschoolers who identify with the emo subculture? I'm asking you for your personal experiences, something my Google fu is failing to turn up.

Edited to add: thanks for the input, everyone! My character will discover emo music, love it, and take it from there.