April 16th, 2007

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Russia, Russian Teenagers, and a bit of naming

Unlike the abundance of Evereything You Ever Needed To Know About Japan on the internet, I'm having very little luck finding anything about everyday life in modern Russia. Most of my knowledge comes from being in Fiddler on the Roof, which is a little outdated, or playing video games, which tend to be more on the millitary side of wildy inaccurate. XD So here's a list of questions-- links or comments are more than welcome in response:
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And last (and also kinda least), can anyone think of a hero, saint, or biblical figure that slew any monsters? I'm thinking in the lines of Saint George (and the Dragon) or David (and Goliath), though obviously I already know those two.

A million thank-yous to anyone with anything to help. ♥
Montgomery Scott

Missing Fingers and Complications in Swordwielding

My story is set on Earth during an indeterminate historical period. My main character will use two swords at different times: the first will be a basket-hilted weapon like a mortuary sword. The second will resemble a bronze age longsword except that it will be made of steel and will have a straight crossbar.
My main character only has four fingers on each hand. That is, he has no pinkies. This condition is congenital. Would this adversely effect his swordsmanship? Would he need swords custom made for him? His hands are of average size.

It is relatively easy to find materials online about how to hold a sword, but I haven't been able to find any information addressing this question. Of course, I tried Google and Wikipedia.
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Where and What to study to be an Folklore/Mythology expert

Hello, all!

I have a 25-year old female character who is supposed to be a folklorist who specializes or is at least an expert in vampire and other creatures of the night folklore/mythology. I wanted her to at least to have graduated with a masteral/doctorate from some prestigious US univeristy, and is currently working on a grant which centers on vampires in folk narratives. 

I googled around (and a lot) and so far the top choice that came out was Harvard, as it turns out they have a degree on Social Anthropology and another in Folklore and Mythology (which is great, unfortunately, I can't figure out how the heck their curiculum works. Harvard people out there, help!). 

Aside from Harvard, are there any other US or Non-US universities (e.g. University of Pennsylvania, UCLA, University of Bucharest) that offer any or all of the following: undergraduate, masteral, and doctorates degrees or courses in anthropology or Folklore and Mythology? And aside from the abovementioned degrees, are there any other degrees (e.g. Literature, History) or courses someone who wants to be a folklorist (that specializes in vampire and other creatures of the night) can study?

Thank you in advance for your help.