April 15th, 2007


Forensic Medicine and Pathology Resources

I found these lecture notes from the University of Dundee very useful.

They cover a lot of questions on stuff that comes up frequently: time of death, forensic procedure, genetics, drowning, murder and the like. The legal stuff is mainly Scottish law, but dead bodies are the same the world over. I have a background in biochem, but they seem clear and easy to follow regardless.

Hope they can be useful to everyone else.
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Underwear in mid/late 1800ies in the US

I'm currently writing fanfiction about the Karl May books and stumbled over something which is rather, er, essential to my story: what kind of underwear would an Indian - a Comanche - wear, and what kind would be best suited for a trapper?

Indians would probably go for loincloths, and as far as I know, these would be worn together with leggings - is that right?

And as for the trapper, according to the book he's decked out in leather clothing which are open at the (naked) chest which gets admired - would he go commando or not? He's often around in the Wild West for months at a time, so...

I'd really appreciate any help on this issue! *smiles*
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Hockey Superstition Question

Ok, I know that players are not supposed to touch the Stanley Cup or even acknowlege it should they happen to be in the same place it is being displayed until they have won it. But--just when does the superstition begin for them? When they begin playing in the NHL? Minors? Junior hockey? Major junior? Or when? I'm assuming that very small children (like under 4-5) and babies are exempt, since it has been used as a baptismal font. But I haven't been able to find out anything specific. I do know that Ferraro refused to touch it even now, and he's retired so it must continue even after a player retires. Any ideas?

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