April 14th, 2007


Homicide Victim Body Release?

When a person is murdered, how long does it usually take for the body to be released by authorities to the family for burial?


The character is a middle-aged woman, strangled in her own living room on Long Island with the murderer's hands. No fingerprints are found on her body (or elsewhere, for that matter), if that's relevant. No sign of a struggle in the house. It's set in the present day. Immediately after, the cops have no suspect.

Skin absorption of PCP?

Anybody know whether it's possible to absorb phencyclidine (PCP) in significant quantities (6-15 mg) topically through the genital mucous membranes -- and, if so, how long it might take to have neurological effects? I know that it's lipid soluble and that it's sometimes snorted, so clearly it can be absorbed through the skin & mucous membranes without being smoked. However, I haven't been able to find information that could let me guess how well it could be absorbed through such an... unlikely site.

Searches: 'skin absorption, phencyclidine', 'mucous membrane, absorption, phencyclidine', 'delivery, phencyclidine', 'cutaneous absorption, phencyclidine', etc., as well as various key phrases from the few promising-looking hits I found. Tox profiles/reference articles/research papers all seem to deal with the methods of recreational PCP use, which are primarily smoking and injection. (I found a pair of papers on inhibiting skin absorption in mice, but they were such as to be unhelpful for this particular question.)

Any educated guesses (hopefully no empirical data)?
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bungee jumping and legality

My character is in Connecticut, the time is right now, and she's 17.

What I'm trying to find out is what the legal issues are regarding a minor going bungee jumping. I've googled the heck out of any phrase remotely like "bungee jumping laws" with and without Connecticut added on there. Does anyone have ANY idea if this is an issue? Does she need the consent of a guardian? If so, in person or just a signed form?

Also, I'm having a tough time even finding real bungee jumping locations/companies, so if anyone knows of any in Connecticut (preferably southwest CT--near New Haven) or nearby, like around NYC or Long Island or eastern NY in general, that would also be helpful, but is less important.


Flight Times

Contemporary United States

I've tried googling flight times and airports and travel times and such.

Can anybody suggest a way to find out how long it would take to fly from point a to point b?
(Quantico to Hickory NC to be specific)

Okay, I seem to be having trouble forming questions.
I think I'm trying to be to general.

Here goes again.

Is there a way to find out how long it would take FBI Agents to get from the FBI Academy at Quantico Marine Corp Base to get to Julian Price Memorial Park on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina assuming that they have access to a Learjet that can take off at the Marine Base and land at Hickory Regional Airport which according to Mapquest is the nearest airport?
It's a six hour drive.

Indications of Buddhism

Our heroine is a teenaged girl (haven't decided exactly how old, haven't decided what exactly I'm doing with her--but at or between 12 and 18) who was born in Vietnam, then moved in with her American grandfather (she's 3/4 Vietnamese) when she was 8. She is, for complicated reasons, extraordinarily mature for her age. She is also a devout Buddhist.
What I'm trying to figure out is some comment or motion that would mark her, to an astute observer, as (probably) Buddhist, that might come up in casual conversation on non-religious topics.
Examples of the *kind* of thing I mean: a Wiccan greeting someone with "Blessed be", a Catholic crossing him/herself...
It can't be a physical object (ie the equivalent of rosary beads)--she wouldn't have access, for complicated reasons related to the first set.
(I have--no idea how to search this one)
Edit: thanks, everyone! That was quick! (though if anyone wants to add more details/suggestions, feel free...)
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Police telephone and interview procedures

Searched: 'Police procedure' 'interview procedure' with Canadian variation on each: google, wiki, and little details archives.
Canadian city, present day
Situation: A character is the first to find a murder scene on a university campus.  He calls the police, who take his statement.  They ask him to be available and let him return home. 


1. How would a telephone conversation go to make an interview time between him and the police station the next day? 
2. How would an interview be conducted in regards to a witness?  Is it pretty standard, cop drama type stuff?
3. I do know that unlike in CSI, forensic teams are usually not part of the interview process.  However, for other reasons, a forensics person must be present at this interview.  Would this person be allowed in that little two-way mirror room that other people listen into the interview? 
4. Because of circumstances, the character ends up being bumped onto the suspects list.  How would an interview end in this case?

I've never written anything to do with crime before, so any links would be really helpful.  Also, if there is anything wrong with the procedure I have so far, please point it out!  Thanks.
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Bank Account/Estate Settling

How long after the death of both parents is an adult offspring allowed access to their bank account/safety deposit box? Any general information would be lovely, but if you can give me British law in particular, that would be swell.

Thanks to anyone that can help me!!

Edit: To specify, the bank account holds less than two hundred pounds, and the safety deposit box has adoption papers, birth certificates, and passports for the deceased and the one living son in it. Everything else in the estate has been destroyed in the fire that killed the parents and other son. No life insurance, and they rented their house.
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Bandaid Liquid Skin in the UK

I can find that Bandaid Liquid bandage/liquid skin is sold in the UK (London specifically) but I can't find if it is common or if it is called Liquid skin or liquid bandage when someone is referring to it in conversation.

ie: "Hold on, let's just put some liquid bandage on it and fix you right up."

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
Rodney Question

Stud Farms

Setting: Modern day, United States, in the Midwest or Southwest

I'm interested in learning two things about stud farms:

1) How many stallions would a stud farm be expected to have? I'm thinking a farm that starts out with two main owners, and maybe three helpers. In my searches, I haven't been able to tell the exact size of the staff at any of the places I've looked at. I'm looking specifically at Appaloosas and American Quarter Horses.

Searches: "stud farms," "appaloosa stud farms," and "american quarter horse stud farms" on Google and Wikipedia. Read through the horse tag on this community.

2) Would it be highly unusual for a stud farm to be breeding more than one breed of horse? Again, all of the places I've looked at seem to specialize, so I'm wondering as to how out of place that would seem.