April 13th, 2007

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Modern Day Stigmata?

The Stigmata- Holy Wounds- whatever you want to call them, have been around for ages, are the wounds on the hands, feet and side of the afflicted and are from God or there because one is mentally ill, according to some medical journals. Got that much from my classes and Google, but I can't seem to find if there were any recent cases of the Stigmata.

Terms Searched: Stigmata, Modern Account Of Stigmata, Modern Stigmata, all of those in quotes and out of and all I can find are books about the Stigmata, the saints who had it and articles the stigmata and Munchausen syndrome patients. I don't quite know what else to put in...
Also Wiki'd it and followed a link to Padre Pio, who had Stigmata.

Setting, plot and year: Don't really matter, but they are our day and age and my character is 13. He was studying religion when he blacks out and wakes up with his hands bleeding. I need his friend, who finds him, to either reassure him by saying 'it's okay, X had stigmata in 199X/200X' or 'Ohmigosh, you're the first person to have stigmata in, like a hundred years!', they know what it is already but I need to know the most recent recorded case so I can add that in.

War Comics in 1905?

Would "war comics" of a sort have been available in Japan as early as 1905? Apparently, Tokyo Puck began publication in that year, and there was also some interest in American comic strips for children, but it doesn't seem that manga existed, per se, until perhaps the 30s or 40s. What I'm wondering about is whether cheap paper-bound illustrated chapbooks, made for children, would have been available? I have seen scans of an illustrated story of the naval battle of Tsushima, but that was from 1934.

The scenario I've been considering is in the aftermath of the battle (i.e., sometime between late May and September 1905) where a fourteen-year-old girl buys a manga-like illustrated storybook depicting the Japanese naval victory for her five-year-old brother (when he makes puppy-eyes over it). And if it helps at all in determining the likelihood of this scenario, they live on the outskirts of Tokyo, and she supports them by working in a factory that makes naval uniforms. (The children are Asato Tsuzuki and his sister Ruka.)

I've checked the Wikipedia pages relating to the history of manga, and Googled "Manga--history" and "Manga--Russo-Japanese war," but haven't had much success. What I have seen suggests that this isn't terribly likely, but the scenario appealed to me so much that I didn't want to discard it out of hand based on my (admittedly scanty) reasearch, unless someone told me bluntly "nope, not possible."

Murder and the long weekend

Setting: Virginia
Time: today
Searches: Serial Murderers Holiday
I was wondering if anybody knew if serial killers would be more or less active on a three day weekend? Would the agencies responsible for hunting them be gearing up for a busy holiday (Memorial Day in particular) or looking forward to some down time? Westly Alen Dodd seemed fond of Labor day.

Thanks for the advice about serial killers. The answer to the question I should of asked; What is the mood likely to be in the Behavioral Anaysis Unit of the FBI Friday before Memorial Day? seems to be, whatever I want it to be.
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Break an arm!

I'm planning to have a character break an arm. Modern day, probably American/Canadian setting. She's twelve years old, healthy and physically active. She's small for her age; I don't know what her weight would be (under 100 lbs?).

It's a sunny day, she decides to climb a tree, she slips, falls and breaks her arm. It's probably a greenstick or single fracture. The ground is your typical North American front lawn - packed dirt and grass.

I've never broken an arm and I'm not going to climb a tree just to see what it's like.

Googled: falling, breaking, arm, tree. Found sites where people are asking how to break an arm and people respond with "are you stupid" and "it hurts".

  1. How high would she have to climb? I've heard stories of kids falling six storeys from an apartment with no injuries. Myself, I've fallen from about two metres flat onto my back once and was just mildly stunned.

  2. How would she fall to break her arm? Land on it? Smack it around a branch?

  3. How much will it hurt? My character, being physically active and all, won't cry when she falls down, gets hit by sports equipment, bruises herself, roughhouses, etc. - she'd just get back up and keep running. You know, like most kids in the era before the Playstation. She's used to denying that she's hurt, just to keep playing. She'd stop what she was doing if blood appeared, though, or it hurts more than what she's used to bearing.

    Would she realize something was wrong? Would she realize right away that her arm was broken? Would she not stop screaming until she was in the hospital room and administered sedatives?

  4. Permanent damage? I'm going for the least serious out of all of them, so I'm assuming not. Feel free to correct me if a broken arm will result in permanent nerve damage, loss of finger/arm muscle control, partial paralysis, etc.

  5. Does the type of tree matter? It's a mature tree, easily +20 years old, probably deciduous. I've climbed birch, pine and maple; mine'll probably be a birch or maple.

Anecdotes and personal stories are welcome, in that I might change it to that if this is too difficult for me to script out. If it's too bloody/messy/permanently disabling (I...don't imagine so), I'll completely throw out the idea.

Also, please don't try jumping out of any trees to answer this question for me, I'd rather not be responsible for something more serious than a broken limb.