April 12th, 2007


Looking for a book: Dragon + pearl + monkey?

Okay this one is absolutely killing me!

When I was in Jr. High I read this book. It was a part of a series of books, I remember needing to search for like ever to be able to finally read them in order. I think there were four of them.

I can't remember the titles, much less the author, but I think it had something to do with "Dragon's Pearl" in there somewhere? Unfortunately any searches for that turn up a completely different book which is not at all what I'm looking for.

I remember it was about an Eastern type dragon whose pearl had been stolen and there was a quest to get it back. One of the main characters was some sort of monkey person, I think he was the narrator in at least one of the books. He kept saying, "A monkey's biggest weakness is his curiousity bump." I remember the phrase "curiousity bump" very distinctly because I thought it was a weird phrase.

Has anybody else read these books before? I need to know the title for something I'm doing and I'm going crazy over here not being able to remember the names of these books that I thought were SO FRIGGIN' AWESOME in Jr. High. I think the third book had something about a cauldron in the title because it was the first one I found while I had actually been looking for The Black Cauldron. If you can give me any leads on this I would be insanely grateful!

[I've tried searching for "Black Cauldron" which just turns up The Black Cauldron and "dragon's/dragon pearl" which turns up the other unrelated book, I've search Amazon as well and I just am not finding the series I'm looking for.]

[Edit] Found it!! Lawrence Yep's Dragon of the Lot Sea series! You guys are on the ball, thank you so much!

Who provides death notices?

Setting: modern US
Resources checked: Googled terms such as "informing family of death," "patient advocate," "who delivers news of death," and similiar
Problem: I can't find a consensus.

I'm working on a story wherein the main character has had to tell numerous people that their loved ones have died, and always tells the family that it was painless and the deceased didn't suffer--which is not always true. My issue is that I can't find solid information on who would have a job that entailed so much notification. I'm finding a lot of information regarding HOW to tell people, but WHO tells them seems to be fuzzier. Some sources I've found are suggestions for doctors on how to tell the family, others seem to be written for a non-medical employee--hence my search for "patient advocate."

Because it seemed like a position where someone would likely come up against many traumatic deaths that would then be lied about, I had initially thought this character might be an ER doctor. Realistically, do they do the informing in the case of a fatality, or is this left to a nurse, chaplain, or patient advocate? I want the main character's job to be realistic in this regard, so I don't want to make her an ER doctor if ER doctors rarely have to deal with this aspect of it.

Dangerous neighbourhoods in Chino, California

Okay, so, without meaning to offend anyone who might live in Chino . . . I really need to know what general <i>residential</i> areas of the city would currently be considered to be dangerous to live in.  (Absolutely no prizes for guessing which fandom I'm writing for here).  For the characters and background story I'm working with I need the area to be low-income housing and generally a place where you don't want to wander into by accident.  Ideally it should be an area name, or a street name that can be dropped that would scare anyone living in the nicer parts of Chino.  It does not have to be well-known outside of Chino (i.e. I don't care if the reader gets it or not, I'm just doing this for accuracy).

Uh, I hope that all makes sense.

Things researched:
I have googled any and all variations on 'Chino' 'neighborhoods' 'districts' 'notorious' 'dangerous' etc, etc.
I have been to the Chino city website, and the Chino PD website; I have looked at crime statistics and census statistics for the city and individual areas; I have looked at neighbourhood finders; I have looked at newspapers; I have looked up the locations of free medical clinics and yet no matter what place I found that seemed like the perfect match, as soon as I went on google earth I find out that the entire area had swimming pools.  I even spent an hour trying to track down live police scanner feeds for the county in the hopes that a certain road might pop up quite often and of course, San Bernadino county was the one place that I couldn't find a feed for.

I'm at the end of my rope here people.  Can someone please help me?
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Drugs in a hospital pharmacy

I've been trying in google for days but nothing ever came out of that - I'm not a native speaker so maybe I'm just not using the right words, hope no one gets cross if the answer is right there.

So some background and my question: 400 years in the future, nuclear war fought 350 years before. My main character works as some sort of cleaner-helper in a hospital, which means she only has the most superficial medical knowledge. A friend asks her to open a pharmacy room so they can grab whatever she wants. They're focused in two types of medicine: one that lowers any kind of inhibitions and produce euphoria and recklesness, some sort of speed I suppose, and really strong sleeping pills.

So I have the sleeping pills more or less sorted out, but what kind of legal medicine would someone with a relatively good knowledge of street drugs choose, if they were left alone in a hospital pharmacy? It's better if it's quite new, since the hospital is quite the shit hole, so anything new right now would suit just fine in a lousy town 400 years in the future :)

Thanks a lot!