April 5th, 2007

A Song

EDIT:: "Richard Corey"
That's really what i was thinking of. Awesome. Thanks for all the quick responses!

Setting: totally irrelevent. Its modern day Baltimore, U.S. but the song can be from any group artist or band, from any country, as long as its in English.

Basically, what I need is a song that is about someone who goes from the high life to barely alive, dead, homeless on the streets, or totally ruined from drugs and alcohol. A kind of warning about fame and celebrity and that sort of thing.

This is a character who knows a lot about music, who likes eclectic music, and just about anything could plausibly be on her ipod. So obscure is okay. any era is okay, although 1950's-modern day would be preferable.
Although I'm pretty sure there is a non obscure answer. I just can't think of anything, and i'm wading through various combinations on google, and also my own personal song collection, but no luck so far. So if anyone can think of anything, that would be amazing.
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Garcia gets what she deserves

Missing persons, The SCA and police resources

Time: Now-ish
Place: US, Virginia to be specific.
I've trolled the tags...

I seem to remember somebody posted a link to a community that was basically "Ask a cop" someplace you could post law enforcement related writing questions. I couldn't find it in the tags.

I want to know what questions the FBI would ask specifically about the The Society for Creative Anachronism if a girl disappears from an event.

It's for a Criminal Minds fan fic if that helps.

Damage done by a close-range shot

OK, I'm writing a story set in a sort of parallel Britain. The setting's not really important for my question.
However, there is a scene in the story where my protagonist gets shot in the thigh with a late-19th century revolver, at close range.
My question is: after someone sees to her broken leg (and I'm assuming a shot like that would do serious damage to the bone), sets the bone, splints it etc., would she be able to walk once it had healed? As in, would she be able to walk unaided, need a crutch, or actually be confined to a wheelchair?

Also, what sort of range does an 1866 Winchester rifle have?

Edit: Thanks, that answers my question pretty well. Except for the bit about the Winchester.