April 4th, 2007

High Rise apartments in London

Hey guys,

I'm not quite sure how to search for the answer to this very specific question, relating to high-rise flats (or tower blocks) in London. My novel is set in 1975, although I don't know if that's important. My question is simple: how does a non-resident get into a tower block to visit a friend who is not expecting them? Do they press a button? How can the resident see who it is that wants to come up and see them?

If you want a picture of the type of tower block I'm imagining, this is a pretty good representation:

Great, I got exactly the answers I needed! Thank you so much, everyone.

Waterproofing cloth

Setting: pretty standard fantasy universe (technology level around medieval / renaissance times). Magic is available, but it's not used in daily tasks and doesn't affect daily life much.

I've got a character who needs to get her hands on some waterproof cloth; she's located in a seaside fishing village.

What I need is information on the methods and effectiveness of making cloth waterproof, and the availability of waterproof cloth.

More in the specific...Collapse )

Thanks in advance for any help!

ETA: got the answers I needed. Thank you very much to everybody who helped!