April 3rd, 2007

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More German words.

I would post this to the mutlilingual comm, but someone in the comments from last time's post suggested that I would probably get a good response here.

I need a (non-insulting) German word for "sight", as in a person's eyesight, and I don't exactly trust what Babelfish and FreeTranslation coughed up ("sehvermögen"). It's for the title of a story.

Thanks in advance!

Anyone know the geographic coordinates/total area of Çanakkale City or Hisarlik?

Does anyone know the geographic coordinates of Çanakkale City as well as Hisarlik (Troy)? I believe Hisarlik is about 30 km south of Çanakkale City but I'm not certain. 

Also, I'm trying to find the total area of
Çanakkale City as well as Hisarlik, but so far have found nothing except for one blog which estimated Hisarlik to be only 2 acres in size.

Does anyone know the geographic coordinates or total area of either
Çanakkale City or Hisarlik?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! :-)

Serial Killers in US National or State Parks

Time: Now
Place: Mostly United States, but any place with a parks system or where camping is a common recreation.
Search Terms: Serial Killer+ park, campground, impersonating police.

I'm looking for cases that I can read up on or have characters refer to. So far I've found Cary Stayner who killed four women in Yosemite, Ivan Milat, the backpack killer in Australia and Herbert Miller, the Trail side killer.
I haven't been able to track down any cases where the killer impersonated law enforcement to lure away victims, but it feels like there should be some.

Can anybody think of other campground or park killers or any police impersonators?
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