April 2nd, 2007


Names African-American's give their dogs

Where: East St Louis, IL
When: Present
Who: 13 year old African American boy
What: Stray dog of mixed breed and male gender. Looks something like this

I've found plenty of information on what the different American ethnic groups name their kids, but nothing on what they name their dogs.

(I'm probably over thinking this, but the names I've come up with don't feel quite right.)

Edit: Looks like there isn't a huge cultural rift here. Thanks!

Department store bobby pin-like things...

This is a really, really random question. I promise, it's relative to something I'm writing. :)

About 12-15 years at American* department stores (and even after that... I'm not sure), you could look on the ground under clothes and find objects like this:

I have no idea what they were used for, since I was only 7-8 when I saw and played with them, but they were white, plastic, all over the place, and I assume used for clothing in some manner, maybe to hold them together at folds. I'm also sure they weren't bobby pins, as they were meant for clothing, and were much smaller (about 1" in length).

What are these called, if they have a name?


* This rule was a mystery to me.

Early Jazz Records

Setting: 1917/18, Southern Louisiana, small unnamed town near New Orleans
Googled: original dixieland jazz band, original dixieland jazz band first record, original dixieland jazz band phonograph

I know that the Original Dixieland Jazz (or Jass) Band recorded the first jazz record in 1917 for the Victor Talking Machine Company, and I know that the record was comprised of the songs "Livery Stable Blues" and "Dixie Jass Band One Step," both of which I have listened to. But my question is: would this first record have been a cylinder or a flat disc? From Wikipedia's gramophone record article, I've learned that discs first were used in 1894, but it also talks about Edison coming out with a new cylinder in 1912. So would this particular record have been a cylinder or a disc? And if it was a cylinder, what kind of packaging would it have come in? Does anyone happen to know of anywhere I could see a picture of the packaging to give an accurate description?

Thank you!