March 29th, 2007

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Traveling to Mauritius?

My characters are taking a trip to Mauritius (the setting is present two weeks from now lol). I've searched a bunch of details about the island and have a lot of good stuff, and I'm still researching. What I'm looking for is ...well, firsthand experiences, I guess, if anyone here has been to Mauritius. Specifically the sugar museum, the aquarium, La Vanille Crocodile Park, Casela Bird Park, Grand Bay, and the Pamplemousses botannical gardens. Anything you guys can tell me would be appreciated!

Also, I did a mockup of the itinerary to see what price was like, flight times and hotels they could stay at, etc. The flight (from Washington DC) is two days...but it doesn't say anything about a layover, just one flight listed from DC to Mahebourg. Could it just be skipping a step that would be confirmed during the actual booking, or is it really possible to have a non-stop flight for that long? oO

Thanks in advance for any help!
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Numbing an injured arm.

I found this and thought it might be useful to y'all as a starting point if you're looking for anything to do with injuries to your characters. My story is set in the future, but human anatomy remains the same, and I needed to know where and how a doctor might administer anything to block pain to a section of the body (in this case, the arm), with an emphasis on specificity.

Thus, the Axillary brachial plexus block description.

It might give you some more terms to search for.
Hope it helps.
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Lamb Butchering

I know that the standard butchering time for animals is in the fall, but I haven't been able to find out about spring.

The village is in a mountainous area, so it's pretty cool and chilly in spring, and the people keep sheep. It's right around when lambs are born. Is it reasonable that they'd kill some of the flock at this point, and if so, how many? I need at least one butchered, and several would be better.
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shotgun basics, applying to college without the web, breaking fingers

Hi guys, I'm new to the comm, so hope I get this right. I have a few questions that aren't so much little details as basic questions that are just hard to google for!

The setting is a small town in the American South in roughly the early 90's.

1. For this one I've checked wikipedia about the shotguns but it isn't clear, and googling "shotgun safety" is obviously no help, and trying combinations with "mechanical safety" didn't do much better. How many cartridges/slugs can you shoot out of a shotgun without reloading? Also, do shotguns have a 'safety'? Would basically all hunting/law enforcement guns?

2. If you were applying to colleges in the early to mid-nineties, before everything was totally online, how would you register for the SAT? How would you find out about colleges you were interested in, besides looking them up in books-- write to them to send you a brochure? ETA I should have specified the person is actually a few years out of high school, so any information about how to do things without the help of a guidance office is particularly appreciated.

3. What would be the best way to break someone's hand/fingers in such a way as to cripple them so they can't write? I'm picturing someone kind of stomping violently on the victim's hand, as I feel like I might have seen it in some other movies or something, but somehow I'm not sure that would do enough damage.

Thanks in advance everybody.
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Librarian Degree Programs.

This is not the sort of thing that you can google... but if you think it can be, I welcome the help with the search terms. [Edit: I've found a list of schools. Now I just need opinions about which programs are best loved. or which programs would be most admired as having earned a degree from]

I have a character [male though that's probably irrelevant] who wants to go to school for a degree in Library Science with the goal of getting hired into a college library. (Not necessarily graduate level degree but if it's necessary he'll do it. He's a bibliophile with out money to build his own collection. he has barely enough for college.)

Where do you think the best program for such a degree [and what would the degree actually be] is?

As a side note though semi-crucial I'd like the school to be located not in the midwest some where that would be expensive to travel back and forth to the midwest and it, thereby cutting him off from his small family and home town for 4-5years or slightly more.
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German insults.

This is going to sound a bit strange, but...

Imagine a sixteen-year-old German guy living in Italy who wants to insult a seventeen-year-old Swedish chick. Now, I contemplated him calling her a whore (yes, I use the alternate German dictionary, why do you ask?), but I wanted to be sure.

If anyone could chime in, it'd be appreciated.

Mayo Clinic/Rochester, MN - day to day life

Background: My character, a sixteen year old boy, and his family will be going to Rochester, Minnesota, to see his aunt at the Mayo Clinic. The aunt is currently an outpatient, but during his visit, she will be taking a turn for the worse and be admitted as an inpatient.

I've looked up information as far as medical things for his aunt, things like that. What I'm looking for is just things about Rochester or about the Mayo Clinic. What should be known about the clinic as far as my character and his family being there a lot. Is it basically just like a normal hospital? And anything special about Rochester that I should know? I have them staying at a hotel in downtown Rochester, a few blocks from the clinic, and they've got a rental car, so they'll have their own transportation. So, anything that anyone can let me know as far as day-to-day life at the Mayo Clinic or in Rochester would be greatly appreciated.
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Comas and the brain's activity during that state

Alright, so I've searched [on Google and Wiki and WebMD] "comatose + dream state + brain's activity during coma + common causes of coma -entertainment -hollywood". Unfortunately, even with the help of the "how to Google-fu without missing something that could be important" page on the userinfo, I've found nada. Except that the House episode "Son of a Coma Guy" has a whole bunch of incorrect information.

My character falls into a coma [I was thinking of something other than a head injury, and am still looking that up]. What I want to know is whether or not the brain activity he retains during that state is enough for him to be having dreams/fragmented memories. As I've found out, the brain retains enough activity to react to stimulus, like pain or speech during comas. I'm wondering if it's enough for a prolonged dream session.

Plus, any extra info you may have on comas other than the dream state would be helpful. But mostly I'm looking on the dream state.