March 28th, 2007

counsellor and psychiatrist question (diffrences)

Hello again.

This community was so very helpful last time I needed help and so hopefully you will be helpful again.

This time I just need some help phrasing a Google search.

Or if anyone is willing some direct answers, *Gives best charming grin.*

Setting is in England. To be exact some undisclosed area of The North east. Time period is Now.  Character is a 22 year old female with dyslexia, not sure how relevant that information is to my question.

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I know that’s a lot of questions. I also realise that most likely it would depend on which PCT area she is in and it would be dealt with on a case by case basis.

In short how the heck do I start goggling that !

Edit:ed for the correct word and spellings.
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Travel Time in the North Sea

Hello! I have a character, set in modern times, who currently requires transport by boat around the North Sea, which is the body of water east of Great Britain and west of Denmark. Unfortunately, none of the sites I've searched have given me travel times; I need to know how long it would take him to get from Scotland to the port of Thyboron in Denmark (and yes, I know the name is changing this year). Does anyone have any idea how long travel usually takes here? Approximation is fine; from England to Sweden or the Shetland Islands to Germany could be close enough for this! Can anyone help?

Edit: The type of ship itself isn't as important, as it's going to vary; we're talking likely cargo vessels, independently owned, probably in the range of 20,000-28,000 deadweight tonnage.
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Removing a screw from a broken bone

I couldn't find anything about this (or even really about healing time in general) on wikipedia and I didn't have time to do a full out google search (and wasn't sure what to type in the search field), so I thought I'd come here. Hopefully I followed the

For a compound fracture, how far into the healing process would the doctor remove the screw? (And right now, I'm working on the assumption that the compound fracture would take 5 months to heal, so if that is also inacurate, please correct me.)

It's set in Canada in the 80's if that makes a difference.

Also, the character smokes. I did come across one thing in my searches that said that nicotine can delay the healing time, so if that's true, please take that into account.

Thanks in advance.
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Electoral canvassing in modern US cities

Hey folks. I want to get some impressions of political canvassing in U.S. cities.

I understand from The Great Wiki that it's commonplace for political parties to canvass ahead of elections, including by calling door-to-door (field canvassing). What I can't quite work out is whether this is limited to smaller towns, or extends to urban metropolitan areas. My specific scenario involves a couple in an apartment in New York (in 1998). They live in a walk-up, in the kind of area where students and twenty-somethings on fairly modest incomes would live - far from full-on ghetto, but not upmarket either. Is it plausible that political party supporters might call at their door to get out the vote for an election (to the Senate)? What other kinds of election canvassing might they experience? I gather that many people receive automated phonecalls. Are those just recordings? During those calls, do you get any opportunity/are you obliged to speak to a real person? Would real-person calling sometimes be substituted for automated messages?

Many thanks for your help.