March 23rd, 2007

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I'm writing a story about pirates based in a fantasy world. If anybody can help me with the theoretical/practical side of being a pirate (laugh if you want--it sounds absurd to me, too), I'd very much appreciate it.

*I have nine characters on the ship. What types of ships could be maintained by a crew that small? My setting is similar to ancient Rome (mainly fourth century), if that helps. Forget setting. I think I may end up changing the timeframe as I research this more thoroughly.

*On that note, what kind of duties are the crew responsible for? (Master & Commander is still on my shelf, sixteen pages read.) When I searched on Google, I got results for larger crews.

*What must the crew do with the ship before retiring to bed? Taking down the sails, setting anchor--that kind of thing.

*And last question: What takes place on a ship at night? There must be some crew on deck around the clock.

Thank you in advance!
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Cheap to scary hotels in Seattle, WA

Okay...not much luck doing searches because really - it's hard to find a 'could be a crack house/prostitutes go there, and drunks too!' listing for hotels/motels.

What i'm looking for is a hotel near to downtown Seattle that is on its last legs. A place, like i said, that isn't near the airport or anything and is old, run down, possibly rents rooms by the hour.

Something like the Cadillac Hotel in Pioneer Square would be perfect except, of course, that the Cadillac is renovated and a museum, now.

Thank you!