March 18th, 2007

London Squats

Hi guys,
I have a few questions relating to squatting in London. My novel is set in 1975.

1) What sort of official would post eviction notices on squats? How much notice would squatters be given before their squat was demolished?
2) My characters want to save their Somers Town squat by turning it into a center for the arts. Could they go to some sort of committee and make their request for their squat to not be demolished?
3) If so, what sort of committee would they go to? Would this be completely improbable, or might it be possible?

Also, any thoughts on/experiences of squatting are always appreciated. :)

Edit 19 MAR:
Sorry, yes, I should have mentioned: I have done extensive Google searches on this.
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Birding/Twitching Termanology

In my defense, I actually intend to use this information for a story that in no way, shape or form involves bird watching.

There's a current, modern day birding/twitching term in use in at North America, at least, possibly the rest of the world, to describe the multitudes of shore birds and shore bird species who all look and act pretty much the same and can't be told apart without some hefty hardwear and a lot of experience. And I can't remember for the life of me what it is. A friend mentioned it in passing when she was describing a shoreline bird watching trip, and now it'd come in really handy... if only I could remember it or find it anywhere on the internet. I've tried quite a few birding glossaries and reference guides on the 'net, but it's really hard to search for something when you can't remember what it is.

So yet again I fall back on you, little_details readers! Many thanks in advance!