March 14th, 2007

the chosen one.

FLDS terms of address

Searched: Wikipedia, and a few articles found there. Not Google, because I had no idea how to even start phrasing a search. Feel free to suggest search terms if you think they'll help :)

Question: In a Fundamentalist LDS household - somewhere like YFZ or Hilldale, where polygamy is de rigeur - how would a son address his father's other wives? Presumably his birth mother would be "Mother" or something to that effect, but would the same go for his mother's sister-wives?
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Ask Yahoo! - Story subplots...

Yes, another "prevent a question" post from me. Of course, just reading this I suddenly had all sorts of ideas for each and everyone one of these.

The Yahoo Question of the day on March 5th was:I've heard there are only seven basic story plots. What are they? It is linked so you can see their answer.

AGAIN, I am not looking for an answer. I thought this may be helpful for people to see their answer, because sometimes the basics can be inspirational.

Warning: this refresher of basic themes may cause flashbacks to 10th grade English- the scene of such horrors as receiving a crappy grade on a story that is actually much more advance than the marking scheme permits...