March 12th, 2007

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On Painting Motorcycles

The idea is that every visible inch of surface area on this motorcycle is black. I was hoping it would make a good distinguishing characteristic for this character; she tries to be a good comic book super hero and ends up being fairly derivitive for the first part of the book. I've done a little googling, and I don't think it would hurt, say, the exhaust pipe to be painted. On the other hand, it and the engine do get very hot, and I can't help but think there's a reason I've never seen it done. But I can't find it if there is.
flapjack joy

LAX Details

I'm writing a story about a girl who travels from England to LAX airport more or less in the present day. I've done my research and found that should land her at terminal 2.

My terminal knowledge was found simply from the LAX website, but finding the layout has proved trickier. I know what restaurants etc I could find there but I want really specific details about baggage checking and toilet facilities because she's meeting somebody and wants to freshen up after she collects her luggage.

I've googled: LAX layout, LAX travel info/tips/advice, LAX Map and other similar search terms.
The LAX website has a broken link to a map, which is useless and frustrating.

I found a website a while back when I was first thinking up this problem that gave travellers really indepth information about airports and their experiences with customs officials etc which would also be really useful for my story but I forgot to bookmark it and can't find it anywhere (I assume it would turn up under the google terms I listed here) so any help with that would also be great.
Thank you!
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