March 11th, 2007

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End Times

I'm trying to find different religions' takes on the end of the world. I've got Christianity well-covered (thank you, Catholic school), and I know some about a few ancient cultures' beliefs. But I'm curious about others. Some believe the end of the world isn't an "end" as it first implies, but an end to the world "as we know it." The play I'm writing is set during the end of the world, and I'm looking to combine several versions of the apocalypse. A hybrid catastrophe, if you will.

Google was no help. Even omitting Christianity (and all like terms) from the search still brought up sites like "THE END OF THE WORLD ... ACCORDING TO THE GROUP OF PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE IN THE CRUCIFIX GUY." Which is just. Not cool. Bad form, Google.

ETA: I've searched under eschatology (while trying to omit Christianity) and it's not yielding much (read: any) variety. But I have some very useful references, so thank you! (Though I'm still open to suggestions, and I continue to love everyone for his/her help.)
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Stalking and suchlike

More a creative questioning than a details request. :-)

I'm doing a story where the 'hero' has an obsessive love for someone. Think American Psycho where he's a stalker rather than a serial killer.

Now, he has her details from a car accident - telephone number, address, email.

If you were a stalker, how would you use these things to find out everything about that person? What extents could someone go to clandestinely find out information?

And on the other side - at what point would the restraining order kick in - and how would that be served/enforced?

It all ends bad, but I need to know just how bad it can get...

Eclipses and beliefs *edited!!*

1. Is it possible, what are the chances, of two eclipses in a fairly short period of time in the same area? Lunar, solar, partial, full, I don't care, just give me a couple darn eclipses! In the same month would be ideal, but hey, life's not perfect, so I'd settle for within 1-25ish years. But the shorter the better.

2. If a baby is born during an eclipse, is it believed cursed or blessed (any culture works)? I'm also interested in any myths that the eclipses are NOT bad (example, Tahi and the Amazonians think the sun and moon are lovers.)

(As one commenter said, it sounds like I'm just looking for inspiration, which I'm not, just a few good things to make my story more interesting. To prove it, here's the synopsis so far:
A prophesy about a child born in the dark leaves the evil ruler scared, but a the hero ends up being born in an eclipse, and the eclipses always happen at important times in his life as the sun god and moon goddess leave their heavenly homes to watch and protect him.)
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Racing Video Games ca. 2005

Hey. This dilemma/question I have is probably a bit easier to be solved than my last one (where I finally did reach an acceptable solution after all the feedback from here)!

I need a title of a popular video game, involving racing cars, that was on the market in or by 2005. Something that would be acceptable for a 9-year-old to play (so not that "Grand Theft Auto" one). I'd like to use maybe a PlayStation gaming platform, but it's completely open and really doesn't matter. And what kind of soundtrack did it have -- racing noises, or rock music?

Thanks for any help!

ETA: Wow, you guys are awesome! I got some great suggestions and am going to poke around and research the games to get an inkling on which one to use. The 9-year-old does have a 15-year-old brother, so I'm not sure how much that would influence things.... Thanks!
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Orphanages in London

Modern day, char in question is around 17/18ish and this would pertain to some time about 10 years back or so. I've got some results by googling London Orphanages, but I've tried British orphanages, child care homes, british orphans, british orphan care, and I can't quite find what I'm looking for.

I keep getting results for the closed down London Orphan Asylum, but I need an orphanage that's still open and running. Char in question was between 4 and 6 and there for two years before being adopted, and was living in east London when orphaned.

I found the Regent's Park Boys home but can't actually seem to find INFO on it outside of the name. I'd like an orphanage that keeps boys and girls but a boy's home is okay if it's the only one available. Thing is, I need INFO on it and I can't find that!

So basically, I need an institution that he'd be sent to, and information on that institution.

I'd also appreciate anything you could tell me about growing up in an orphanage at that age, if anybody's got the information to give. I need to know what his experience there may have been like.
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Blindness: Mascular Degeneration

Setting: Naruto Universe. Ninjas, kind-of eastern magic, healing by use of chakra or spiritual/physical energy.

Situation: Character A (herein known as "Patient") has a technique using his eyes that creates a sort of illusion around his opponent. A higher-level version of the technique (Mangekyo Sharingan) causes both physical and mental strain to his opponent, but use of said MS technique causes damage to Patient's eyes and vision. The series itself is a little vague on exactly what kind of damage is inflicted, so I have some freedom there. After some research, I've decided to go with a sort of Wet Mascular Degeneration. Character B (herein known as Medic) has recently successfully healed another person with the same eye damage (but at a lesser degree), and has been forcefully persuaded to heal Patient as well.

Info Needed:
A) What type of questions would an optometrist ask a patient that potentially has Wet Mascular Degeneration in order to diagnose it? Would they ask said questions before, during, or after a physical exam? (I already know what the physical exam itself involves.)
B) How quickly does Wet AMD develop?

Searched: macular degeneration, blindness, going blind, am i going blind, blindness/blind questionnaire

Thanks in advance!