March 7th, 2007

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recording and the music business

I recognize that these are very specific questions, but my sister and I have had a 100% success rate with this community in the past, so I thought I'd give it a try!  I have two questions, both about a fictional Canadian rock band set pretty much in the present.

Question 1:  In the music business, how do bands pay their managers (considering they're successful enough to actually have one!)?  Do they pay the manager a fixed salary, no matter how much money the band is or isn't making?  Or does the manager get a percentage of all the band's profits, which varies as the band makes more or less money?

Question 2:  When a band records an album with a certain record label and then releases the album in multiple countries, does it remain on the original label?  Is it only the publishing company that varies from country to country?  My band, as I mentioned, is Canadian, as is their record label.  Does that mean their albums would be released somewhat earlier in Canada than in the US and other countries?  Also, I've noticed that many real-life bands often release singles etc. a few days or even weeks earlier in the UK than in the US - does anyone know why?

Thank you so much - I guess this ended up being a bit more than just two questions!  :)

EDIT, at mod's request:  The reason I posted here is the classic "lack of keywords" situation.  I don't know what phrases to search for to come up with the information I need.  It's all commercial, not informative; for example, I tried "band + manager + salary + profit" and got job advertisements and a page about some software program for band managers.  Not very helpful.  :-)

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Public Property

I'm writing a story set at a public university, Unoted States, current-day time setting. My google-fu fails me.

I need to know if a protest group or even an individual would need a permit or some sort of permission from the university's administration to have a protest on university grounds. If someone were to start a protest without permission, could they claim free expression, or could they be arrested for public nuisance or somesuch charge?

Estimated damage, fatalities due to earthquake in W Japan

Time: nowish
Location: Japan (southern coast, Nankai)
Googled: terms in subject line (simulation, computer simulation, earthquake, prediction, Japan, Nankai, Osaka, etc.), as well as 南海地震・シミュレーション等
Question: Apparently the three big periodic earthquakes on the south-western coast (W. Kyushu - Nankai - Nagoya area) have historically all gone off at once. I want to find out what an estimate for damage and fatalities would be if they hit during a workday, assuming a tsunami also arose. (I feel a bit like Godzilla, here, actually *stomps* ) I've seen the computer simulations of a tsunami hitting downtown Osaka on TV (I live in Japan and on slow news days they like to scare us) but I'd love to have some actual statistics.... Japanese sites are fine!
---> I have bad, bad, bad characters who, ah, set the earthquakes off, and maximum destruction would be preferred * stomps again *