March 6th, 2007


Small propeller airplane malfunction

I need some info on what sort of thing could happen to make a plane have to land quickly, not fuel shortage. A small prop plane that can hold 4-6 people. In Italy, january- if that helps. I want it to run into the side of a barn, not hurt anyone, but cause some damage to the barn. What sort of noises would it make, instrument readings- pilot reaction- make the pilot a little histrionic. What do they tell air traffic control?

Teragramm Tara

Need a luxurious scooter brand name

Alas, my google-fu is netting me the names of those motorized carts that the handicapped ride about in. That's not what I'm looking for. I need the brand name of a luxurious scooter, time and place: present-day San Francisco college campus. I want it to be a scooter rather than a hog like a Harley, since it will be ridden by two girls, and I sort of like scooter rather than smallish motorcycle, since I want them to be able to park it on the sidewalk next to a bike rack. (If that's even legal!) The brand should be recognizably luxurious, but all that occurs to me is Vespa. This could be a "money is no object" scenario, as the scooter owner is wealthy.

Thanking you in advance.

EDITED TO ADD: I got what I needed, thanks!