March 2nd, 2007

Needed: Name of a movie star who a golddigger would reluctantly target

This question relates to the modern-day real world.

I need the name of a famous, prestigious, but elderly and/or unattractive male movie star. The intended goal is for the reader to wince when a Hollywood starlet intending to use her looks to get to the top is fantasizing about the perfect target.

This question does not really admit itself to any Google search I can think of, and neither I nor my partner knows enough about Hollywood to make the call.

Genetic disorders and mutations in altered humans.

The world I'm working with is an alternate Earth with a seriously different timeline, where thousands of years ago aliens decided to create a servitor race using human DNA as the base. There are two issues I want to sort out, relating to genetics.

The first is that the aliens left a failsafe system in their DNA in case of uprising/other emergency - when exposed to a certain substance, the triggers in the genes start destroying their bodies. So far, it seems a realistic method might be cancer, but that would probably take too long. I don't want some instant-death code in their DNA, because it seems a little too much. I don't want it to be a virus, because that would probably affect non-rebelling members, and the aliens would've considered that wasteful.

Does anyone have a suggestion for an effective, quick method of killing a person via problems in the DNA, that ideally wouldn't have many telltales? Maybe cancer given a boost somehow? If it helps, it's a problem now not because they've been exposed to the substance but because a mutation has been activating the failsafe randomly. It should also be something that can be "edited out" of the DNA, at least by the aliens, as it wasn't intended to be a permanant feature.

For this, I've been googling things like "dna", "genetics," "interbreeding," "disease," and "mutation" in various combinations, along with a couple (so far) specific diseases, so I could use help on the search terms, too.

The second is that this race has been interbreeding with normal humans, and I've just started wondering if this means that the offspring should have a heightened chance of expressing conditions carried in DNA of the normal parent that the aliens might've removed altogther, or whatever else might arise from having "cleaned" and altered DNA mixed back in with its source. For that one, I'm not even sure of what search terms to use, so any help there is much appreciated!

Thanks for reading.
Torchwood - coffee

Testing for carbon monoxide poisoning

Context: Present day, US.

Is there a way to test for possible carbon monoxide poisoning quickly and without needing to do blood tests? Like, some kinda of homekit or similar? In my plot, the character suspects carbon monoxide poisoning, but doesn't have the time or resources to run a full blood scan. I'm wondering if there's some possible "Macgyver-esque" solution. Like, swipe furniture with some kind of chemical and get a reaction or something? Something that a person with decent chemistry / medical knowledge but lacking the proper resources could do? Or are there any other obvious ways to detect at least sources for carbon monoxide poisoning? I basically want my character to suspect it as a possibility, run some homemade tests and then realize it's not it. I'm somewhat missing the knowledge to pull this off believeably myself.

I've read up on wiki and run some Google searches, but the only info I found was a blood carboxyhemoglobin test and I doubt that can be done quickly and yourself... Oh yeah, he'd run the tests on himself, so he would be able to draw some blood from himself. I just have no idea how difficult / extensive such a test would be. If you could just add something he got from the pharmacy to confirm then this would work too. He just doesn't have the time or resources to send the blood into some lab.


Ibiza help please!

I've done my share of research online, but haven't found what I'm looking for, so hopefully some of you here can help.

I'm writing a scene in the club Pacha on Ibiza, during the beginning of Feb. I know it's one, if not the only club open all year, but I was curious about the number of patrons during the winter months.

Has anyone ever been there during Jan, Feb, March? What were the crowds like? How many people visit during those months?

Any help is appreciated!