February 28th, 2007


Kidnapping Investigation

Setting: New York (present day)

Google isn't helping me too much with this, and I don't realy want to rely on Without a Trace :) Also, Wiki's articles on abduction or kidnapping don't have investigation protocol

A twelve-year-old with autism is abducted from his house. His older sister calls the NYC police. 

The FBI would be called, right?

How quickly would they arrive?

Would local police be involved at all?

How involved could the parents be in the search, if they wanted to be?

Also, is it possible that if the sister came up with an idea for a lead several weeks after the initial disapparence they would dismiss her? Or would they be required to investigate? 

Multigenerational incest: pedigree collapse on the Richter scale

Where could I go to read about the likely health and genetic normality of a person whose father was his grandfather and his great-grandfather?

Googling for "human inbreeding" and "linebreeding" produces a few germane links about the benignity of limited cousin marriage in a society, but that's about all.  I know the internet too well to try wading through a search involving "incest."  Additionally, book recommendations are appreciated.  (I already am looking for one author and one book title, The Red Lamp of Incest.)

Thanks for your help!

Alternative to chloroform

Hi all,

I'm writing a short story set in the near future, wherein a Jack the Ripper style character serially murders several women. I was thinking of having him use chloroform to incapacitate his victims, but based on my research into chloroform (re: Google), quite a large amount of it is required to actually guarantee that a person passes out quickly. That is to say, simply clapping a rag soaked with chloroform over a woman's nose isn't enough to guarantee that she'll pass out or weaken considerably.

Er, I don't intend anything sinister, but... Could someone recommend an alternative to chloroform? What my character needs is something that would make the quick incapacitation of a conscious person possible within a few minutes, and that doesn't require specialized equipment (such as a mask).