February 27th, 2007


MI 5, habeas corpu

I am trying to find out what the law was in 2002, 2003 in the UK re police holding UK citizens without charging them. The laws have changed several times and the legal challenges have made google search results difficult to interpret.

What are senior officers of MI5 called? What ranks are there? Is the head of MI5 called DG or K?

I have been to many sites for each question.

UF ID badges for Health Center, circa 1990

This may be one of the oddest, most specific questions poised to this group in a long time, but here we are:

Would anyone (perhaps faculty or staff or students who somehow were around back in the day) know if it is true that the University of Florida Health Sciences Center used to have its own ID badges prior to Gator-1 cards (which I know is true but . . . ) and these had, apparently, different coloured backgrounds for the person's position: faculty were green, staff blue, students yellow, and supposedly very high-ranking staff had red backgrounds with gold boarders.

Were this found true, it would be a great Star Trek-y aspect of UF's corporate culture!

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