February 26th, 2007

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First name of Russian botanist Janischevsky

Edit: Question answered! "Dmitri Erastovich" -- thanks to all who helped. :)


Here's an extremely specific and obscure query...

I'm looking for the first name(s) of the Russian Botanist Janischevsky (Romanized in various ways, including "Janischewsky"). He's credited with naming the strain Cannabis Ruderalis in 1924. Here's the full reference:

"Janischevsky, D. E. 1924. Forma konopli na sornykh mestakh v Yugovostochnoi Russi. Ucen. Zap. Saratovsk, Gosud. Cernysevskgo Univ. 2(2): 3-17. [in Russian]".

It's non-fiction, for a magazine article about cannabinoids (the chemistry of marijuana).

All searches in English -- including library databases -- return only his last name. If there are any Russians on the list who could help, I'd be very grateful. Thanks!