February 24th, 2007


Transferring a protection order Boston to Ohio

I've attempted to ask my local sheriff's department, but since I didn't have a protection order to bring in, they couldn't help me.

Setting: Ohio 2006-2007

Situation: My protagonist has run from her abusive ex husband. The divorce is final, the protection order is from the family court. (He was physically abusive, and actually arrested and served a small sentence for Domestic Violence charges.) She has moved, from Boston (where the order was issued) to Ohio (where she is from, originally). Single mother of a pair of twins, with flexible personal income.

Problem: Her ex has followed her. What does she have to do to get the local authorities to recognise her protection order from Boston? Does she have to file it with the local department? Does she have to file for a new one? Is this a case of "It's up to authorities"?

Searches Used: Googling terms like "Domestic protection order", "transferring protection orders", "out of state protection orders"

Anyone have any ideas?
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Question About Hospital Procedure

For a fic I'm writing, a John Doe from a foreign country is admitted to a hospital by a good Samaritan (no relation to the patient) and eventually dies from illness without leaving any ID or indication of relatives to contact. I was wondering how the hospital/morgue dealt with such cases - are they kept for a certain length of time, does someone try to identify them, or are they moved more quickly than regular patients' bodies (who have family/friends/relatives to claim them) to the morgue?

Furthermore, later on, the CDC needs to examine his body in some possible epidemic case of theirs. How easy/difficult would it be for them to obtain it after...say...two weeks or so had passed? Any state health department hoops they've got to jump through?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: It's Orlando Medical Center, to be specific. Present day. I imagine there has to be a universal state or federal policy concerning this.

Edit 2: Thank you, slashfairy, for that very detailed and very helpful description ^_^. It's exactly what I needed.
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Japanese dialects in pop culture

This may be a slightly odd question for this community, so my apologies if it's considered off-topic or inappropriate. I'm just hoping to get a lot of input on this particular question!

I'm doing research now for my thesis about dialect and stereotype in modern Japanese culture. Academically I'm pretty well-covered, especially on the linguistic side of things. But, I need some primary sources. So I ask you, little_details, to delve into your fountain of knowledge and give me recs for books, movies, manga, TV shows -- whatever you can think of, really -- that have interesting or obvious cases of people speaking in dialect or people talking about or going to specific areas in Japan.

Now, obviously I have been doing my own research on this, and in particular I've got a pretty good amount on the Kansai area and the Osaka dialect, so I'm mostly looking for stuff that focuses on other regions. If you know of a totally awesome example of Osaka-ben/Kansai-region in something, though, feel free to tell me! Maybe I'lll find something new.

Thanks in advance -- I hope this is okay!

Autumn Foliage in Dorchester, 1814 - Regency

Setting: Dorchester, England
Time: 1814, Autumn

My main character is walking from her estate to the neighbors'. Along the way she picks up some foliage as an autumnal bouquet. I wanted maples, but those appear to only exist as imported ornamentals. Does anyone know what she's likely to see, and what color they would be?

I'm looking for something red, or bright, or just pretty as long as it's not green, that might make a nice bouquet. I've found lots of pictures of autumn color, but many of them are in botanical gardens (so I can't tell if they are native) or are unlabeled.

I've googled variations on Britain, Dorchester, autumn, regency, trees, foliage, Dorset

Thanks for your help.
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Aquatic plants that could ensnare swimmers

Here's the setup: A young girl with a very weak leg was pushed from a park Observation Point type area into a lake. She was a very bad swimmer, and drowned. However, in addition to her weak leg and lack of swimming experience, I'm hoping to include her becoming somehow entangled in the lake flora. I've heard of people becoming caught in seaweed, and I was wondering if there are any types of aquatic, lake-dwelling plants that someone could logically become entangled in.

The location of the lake is a fictional American resort town called Silent Hill (yes, I'm writing fanfic), which has yet to be given a specific position. The weather there is generally cold, and somewhat foggy. The lake is very large, and apparently very deep (a small passenger ferry reportedly disappeared some years ago).

In essence, I was wondering if I could include any seaweed-esque (or perhaps vaguely tendril-y) lake plants that could logically impair a person, thusly making it more difficult for them to swim.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. =)