February 23rd, 2007

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Off-roading conversation

Setting: present day, American midwest
Searches tried: Googled 'off-road' and 'offroad', found those to be mostly magazines and truck sales; tried adding 'blog' and 'forum' in hopes of getting some personal accounts, but found lots of videos and not much conversation.

I need to come up with a few lines of conversation between a pair of characters who just spent the afternoon driving around in the mud. Ideally there'd be something humorous or at least silly they could say. These are two twenty-something males; the owner of the truck (an oldish Toyota pickup, if it matters) insisted on going offroading, and the other guy didn't want to go but found himself kind of enjoying it in a roller-coaster sort of way. I want to depict the tail end of their conversation as they're getting home, to hint at what kind of day they had.

Does anyone here go offroading? Can you give me an anecdote or two, or a bit of description, from which I can build this scrap of conversation?

Thanks a lot, folks.

A quick question about titles

Setting: Slightly futuristic dystopia, parallel view of the U.S.

I've tried Googling this and gotten mixed results. What I want to know is how would a doctor in the military introduce hirself to a patient? Would it just be "Dr. (Name)", or "(Rank) (Name), (M.D./D.O./etc.)? I want to be realistic, but also make it clear to the readers that the doctor is enlisted in the military (branch unspecified).
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A Question About Kevlar

Okay, my character wears Kevlar-lined clothing. It's not proper armor, more like somebody sewed a Kevlar blanket on the inside of a leather jacket. Now according to Google, getting shot while wearing a vest is going to leave a bruise and knock the wearer back. My question is how much worse will it be with a blanket? Will it still just leave a bruise? Will it leave a welt? Will it be an actual injury with fibers from the blanket driven into the wound? At the moment, I'm assuming the bullet just grazed her shoulder, but I'll also need to know what will happen if she's shot straight in the chest.

Anything you can add on the subject of Kevlar would be most welcome as well. I Googled "how does Kevlar stop a bullet", but the other words I tried (Kevlar, Kevlar blanket, damaged while wearing Kevlar...others I can't remember offhand) were either police boards extolling its virtues or putting it down, or companies trying to sell it to me. Nothing I could understand enough to be informed by. My Google-fu sucks.
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Likely population for smallish island

Where: Fictional island, drawing influences from the Greek islands and the Caribbean.

When: Unspecified/unimportant, but pre-industrial era.

I've been using the unsophisticated system of Googling "[whichever island] population" and looking through as many Wikipedia pages on various islands as I can face looking at, but unfortunately they only seem to list current (or at least fairly recent) populations. Googling for more generic things about "island", "population" and "area" (because I'm struggling to think of better search terms!) is bringing up lots of pages about environmental surveys, but nothing useful.

So here's the situation:
I have an island approximately 200km2/72 mile2 (20km long by 10km wide, or about 12 miles by 6 miles)*, with three settlements on it. Apart from occasional military occupations, the people have fairly little contact with the rest of the world. There is no shortage of food, land for farming, or other resources. With this in mind, would it be plausible for this island to have a population of 6000-7000? If not, what kind of population am I likely to be looking at?

Thanks in advance!

* I really hope these conversions are right- please correct me if not!
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Any JAG fans out there? JAG Slang

Hi folks

Anyone know of any good sites where I can pick up the military terminology used in the series JAG (starring David James Elliot and Catherine Bell, ended in 2005?) I've googled "JAG" and "JAG + fansites" but mostly, what I've found are episode breakdowns and character bios. Fictional is MORE than okay for this...