February 19th, 2007

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In the Hospital

The Situation: The scene is London, 1975. Two young men in their early twenties are thoroughly beat up by three young men in combat boots. Obviously, they recieve bad bruising, as well as other injuries, which will be described below.

I've recieved great help from you guys about stab wounds, and now you've helped me put my character in this situation: the young man has several bruises, as well as a broken thumb, a fractured rib, and five stab wounds: two in the neck, one in the abdomen, and two in the back. I've decided, on your wonderful advice, that one of the neck wounds will nick an artery (the common carotid artery, to be exact). This will cause him to almost die of blood loss--hopefully that's realistic. Now, having never had any serious hospital visits myself (thank god and knock on wood), I have a a bunch of questions about the place.

1) This young man and his young man friend (who recieved four stab wounds: two in the chest, one in the abdomen, and one in the back, as well as a pneumothorax, but will also survive) are rushed to the hospital in critical state, because they have almost bled to death. How long would it take for the medics to get them into a 'stable' condition?

2) How soon would their friends and parents be allowed to visit them?

3) Is there a maximum amount of people that would be allowed in the room at one time?

4) How long would their friends be allowed to stay? Their parents?

5) Now let's take the first young man, with the wounds, the nicked artery, the fractured rib, and broken thumb. When his friends walk into his room, what would he look like? He's in an induced sleep. I imagine his neck would be heavily bandaged because of the neck wounds, and his thumb would be in a cast. His abdomen and back, having also been stabbed, would obviously be bandaged as well. What would be visibly done for his fractured rib?

6) What is the recovery process for a fractured rib? How long would he be in the hospital? How long might he be hurting, or have to 'be careful?'

7) How long would his broken thumb be unusable? He's a drummer--when can I put him behind the kit again?

8) Both young men have recieved quite severe bruising: they were kicked repeatedly by three pairs of angry combat boots, so you can probably imagine. If any of you medically wise people can imagine the bruises that could be recieved, could you possibly tell me how long it would be before they began to fade?

Sorry for this flood, guys, and thank you SO MUCH! How did I ever write anything before I knew about Little Details?
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LDS Christmas traditions?

I'm back...y'all may remember that last fall I was asking around for some information on the LDS church while chasing a whisp of a plotbunny. That little bunny has morphed into a 20,000 word rabbit with no signs of slowing down anytime soon! Anyway, everyone was so great last time, so I thought I'd give it another shot.

This is set in the present day southwestern US, and my main character is spending his first Christmas out of the LDS church and estranged from his family. My question is...what sort of Christmas traditions would he be accustomed to after growing up in an LDS family? I did some Google searching, and it seemed that it would be pretty similar to the Protestant Christmases of my own childhood, but I want to make sure that I'm not missing anything...something that an LDS member would consider a staple of a Mormon Christmas.

Even more specifically, would there be some sort of special church services held on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? And what is the general consensus about Santa? I know that members of some Protestant denominations don't raise their kids with the whole Santa thing, but I couldn't really find anything definitive about the LDS stance on that issue.

Thank you so much!
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Who here owns a motorcycle?

In honor of Ghost Rider (who is so very pretty, by the way), I've resurrected an old super hero type character of mine. She doesn't have super powers, but she was once a stunt driver who specialized in motorcycles.

Now, my setting is the future, so I'm not too worried about the reality of my motorcycle. I've done enough research to avoid being stupid about it. But what I can't seem to find in Google is an indepth description of the tricks performers use. There's videos of 'cool stunts' all over the place, but they aren't exactly educational. I need to know the mechanics behind the tricks.

My character needs to be able to do things like drive while standing on the seat to jump over to a moving vehicle and use conveniently placed I-beams as ramps, or drive along the centerline of a busy street without taking out anyone's side mirrors, or swerve around in front of said cars without getting hit. She needs to be able to drive up and down stairs and swing her back wheel around to hit bad guys with it without losing her balance and falling over. She needs to be an expert trick rider, and I don't know any tricks.

Also, the first and only time I have ridden a motorcycle was when I was five. I don't remember what it was like, so can someone describe what it's like on a more mental and (I guess) emotional level? Is it an exhilerating feeling of freedom, like it seems to someone who's most exotic moment was driving a shift? Or is it just another humdrum mode of transportation?

(Writing what I know is so boring...)

Court trial details / Medical quary about a stab wound

Hi new member here and am glad to find this community.

The setting for a section of my story is a modern day English court.

As the case is a pretty nasty I shall
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What I really need to know is details of the following:

Would they be treated as seperate trials or would it be possible for all charges to be took through as one trial?
How long would it be from actual arrest to going through court proccedings?
And the main thing I am after is a "Star Witness" as it wheres point of view of giving evidance, more the behind the scenes stuff rather than actual giving evidance, such as where would they wait, what happens on lunch breaks, that sort of thing. I have discovered that she would have a court liason officer and would be allowed to have someone with her, I am more after the before, breaks in giving evidance  and more importantly does the court arange transport of witnesses and if so how does that work?

Google phrases I have tried are "Giving evidance in court" "Court trials (and the relevent  charges) and "Victim support  in court" 
I have also read a number of women  magazine articals on this matter.

Oh and another quick question, if someone was in hospital
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Tried googling the various body parts mentioned without much success , Have also asked on the nanowrimo board.
If someone could point me in the direction of sources of info that would be fantastic... or even, more suitable google terms

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Serious non-vehicular (leg) injury

I have a very well-trained 19 year old female ballet dancer who needs to be injured. I need an injury that would basically make it impossible for her to dance professionally in the future but that the only complication in her everyday life would be a limp at most - my original plan was for her to just get hit by a car and have a knee injury. The problem is, that's what's going to be happening to another character and I really don't want the accidents to be similar. So I need the accident to preferably have nothing to do with a car at all and not be a knee injury. If this is any help, she lives in a large city. Any help?

Google: I've tried non-vehicular injury, sports injury, ballet injury... But most of this just comes up with injuries caused by sports or ballet! Looking up just injuries is so general that it comes up with nothing! Or else I come up with the specific medical classifications of injuries instead of ways they could have been caused.

Travel by train in the 1930s

Would anyone know how long it would take a person traveling by train to get from New York to California in the early 1930s?
From Chicago to California?

Also, would anyone know of any resources about general travel by train in that period? Conditions and appearance of the passenger cars, etc.

Thank you :)
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Fractures, casts, and treatment time

Alright, now this is related to my first question about being hit by a car (which can be found at http://community.livejournal.com/little_details/1438980.html ), but you don't need to read that post to answer this question.

A reasonably fit woman of about twenty-five years of age has been hit by a car travelling between 20mph and 30mph, and the car hit her in a sideswipe, knocking her to the ground. She has recieved numerous bruises and scrapes all over her body, as well as one or two closed hairline fractions in her left forearm. I'm assuming that her arm would be put in a cast, and perhaps a sling, but I need to know a few things.

The hospital is fairly close (she recieved this injury just outside of the town), and not extremely busy, so I'm hoping she wouldn't have to wait too long before she is treated.

A) How long would general treatment take if the fractures were closed, harline fractures? (Diagnosis, treatment, etc.) I'm hoping for a timeframe under three hours, though I am willing to change the circumstances if I need to.

B) What's the general procedure for treating fractures like that? (Doesn't have to be too in-depth, I just need an idea of what she'd go through before being sent to a room where she can rest)

C) How would the arm feel if she began moving shortly after being sent to said room in which she may rest? What would it feel like if she were walking, running, or perhaps even striking someone with her other arm? (I know that hospital staff would discourage her from exerting herself, wanting her to stay in her room, but the situations are unorthodox to say the least and I doubt that hospital policy would be one of the first things on this woman's mind)