February 17th, 2007

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Taste of Natto

Again with a need for personal experiences.

This time I'm looking for descriptions of Natto, the fermented soybean consumed by the Japanese. I know it's supposed to smell pretty bad (like "strong cheese" according to Wikipedia) and be an acquired taste, but what exactly are (or can be) the actual taste and texture like? Again, the more colorful the description, the better.

The character tasting it has never before because of the smell, and is doing it out of a dare, and the package has probably be left in the fridge for longer than it ideally should have.
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Operetta - Die Fledermaus historical casting

I've googled myself silly on it, and still come to no conclusion.

Right now, it's very common for the role of Prince Orlofsky in Strauss's operetta Die Fledermaus to be played by a woman, though it's also played by some tenors. In the nineteenth century, 1865 or thereabouts - especially at a prestigious performance in Vienna attended by the Imperial couple - would the role of Orlofsky still be played by a woman?

EDIT: Answered, but I have a further question - are there any other operas/operettas with swaggering (borderline) comedic "trouser roles" like that? I'm not sure if Cherubino in Le nozze di Figaro is quite what I'm looking for.
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Hey guys, I have a medical question.

The situation: two young men are attacked by three young men with knives. The two young men need to be very badly wounded, and come CLOSE to dying, but not die. WHERE should they be stabbed, and how long would they be in the hospital? The more info I can get on this, the better. The year is 1975, by the way.
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Spanish-language newspapers

I've tried googling this, but it's not much good for gauging public opinion.

I need the name of a well-respected Spanish language newspaper. I've got two characters posing as journalists, and I need them to be from a high quality but fairly popular paper, one which other characters would want to be supported by. Country of publication isn't important, but it would be nice if you could let me know which it was.

Thanks in advance.

Sorted! Thank you.

Lack of sleep and its effects

I've spent some time on Wikipedia and Google searching for this answer, but I wasn't sure exactly what would be the best keywords to search for. Hoping someone can help!

I know that lack of sleep isn't exactly a good thing, and can lead to things like dizziness and lack of energy. I'm also pretty sure that a healthy amount of sleep for the character in question (who is 11) would be somewhere around nine to ten hours a day. At this point in the story, the character is getting three or four hours at the most, and barely manages keeps himself awake for the rest of the day.

My question is: how long can a person continue in a similar state before he or she starts to feel the more serious symptoms? As in hallucinations, fainting and so on.

If it's any help, the character is a relatively normal Japanese schoolkid living in Tokyo, and not likely to take pills or drink that much coffee.

Thanks in advance!