February 16th, 2007

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Just what is a 'Magister'?

I apologise if this post is somewhat misplaced, but I'm pretty sure it's the kind of question that someone here should be able to answer.

Anyway, awhile ago I supposedly 'created' a term which I used to describe a select group of people in my story. I called them 'Magisters', because to me it sounded like a rough cross between 'Magus' (As in magic-user, or someone who posesses uncommon knowledge) and something that sounded quite official (A bit like 'Magistrate'). I randomly decided to type the word into google and I found that Magister is, in fact, a word, and it might just have a vaguely similar connotation to what I had in mind, but I can't find any info!

I've looked on Wikipedia and a few other sites, which simply classify it as some sort of educational qualification, but on thefreedictionary.com, it's defined as a person who held authority, a kind of philosophical teacher. Does anyone know what a 'magister' means in that sort of context, and what kinds of positions/jobs they tended to have? Did people regard them highly, or with contempt?

Also, could someone perhaps explain the root of the word, if at all possible?

Thanks in advance for any info,


PS. Thanks for all the answers to my car crash question, I sincerely appreciate it! =)
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Stuttering - Which Syllables Are Most Affected?

Setting/When: This doesn't really impact the information I need but it's a modern police/medical drama set in the mid 1990s. The character in question is an EMT just beginning his training.

Search words/web sites: stuttering, stammering, speech pathology, speech therapy, "which syllables are most likely affected by stuttering?" I looked at The Stuttering Foundation, National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, Information about Stuttering, and an abstract regarding distribution of phonated syllables in people who stutter. I ran the terms through Google, Yahoo, and several medical search engines.

None of these contained the information I need to know: which letters and sound combinations would most likely be affected? Would he repeat full words, just their beginnings, or would he also stumble over endings?

I want to make his speech realistic without causing readers to trip over it and ending everything he says with "he stuttered/stammered" gets old.
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