February 13th, 2007

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disabled person in a care facility/still owning a home

i am writing this story and it has to do with a son being placed in foster care after his mother is killed in a car accident and his father is left disabled...

the dad is disabled and has to live in a care facility, how could he keep the house and keep it paid for without selling it (assistance? the bills would need to be paid... or could the power be shut off, even if dad is gone for several months/a year?)....

thank you in advance...

Injuries from slipping on ice

I'm sorry, but I really couldn't figure out how to make this into a Google inquiry. Say a Californian lawyer (possibly Lilah Morgan) is on a business trip back East in the Winter and is wearing her usual elegant office pumps, and slips on the ice and falls. What sort of injuries might she sustain? (I'm not talking major and life-threatening--rather, sprains, fractures, stuff like that.) How long might such injuries keep her hospitalized? Is there any reason, upon being discharged from the hospital, she might be advised to wait a few days before flying home (in sufficiently luxurious quarters of course)? (This question is less important; I can always conjure up a snow and ice-induced airport shutdown.)

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Folk Tales

Ok. I've had a brief google search but as I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking for I'm turning to y'all for some guidance.

I have two characters - siblings, one female, one male - and I would like there to be some link to a folk tale or story. Something akin to Grimm's fairytales but not exactly like that. I'm ideally looking for stories which originate from the Mediterranean, North Africa, the Middle East or possibly Latin America areas. The only areas I would discount would be folk tales from the UK or USA. I'm looking for fairly dark stories and ideally ones which involve siblings. Stories which include names of the charcters (as opposed to 'boy' and 'girl') would be even better.

Anything spring to mind? If anyone knows of any tales from memory or knows of any useful books that might help please point me in the right direction. Unfortunately it seems my library is a little low on folk tale books and I have little clue how to start with google! All help gratefully received as always.
Tony by Andie Tong


Okay, I need clarification.

You have a large diamond, like the star of india, or the ko-lin-oor. The diamond itself isn't important, it's the SIZE. You have a 600 carat diamond.

Now - a professional jeweler manages to take a chunk off, say a 1/4 of the diamond.

Can that chunk be made into smaller diamonds? So a 1/4 of a big diamond isn't like a shard of broken diamond, but a wealth?