February 12th, 2007

Aslan and Narnia

Mind of a teenage guy

(Okay, sorry there are so many questions, I haven't posted in a while.)
I like to base my characters on people I actually know, however this can raise problems with things I really don't want to ask my guy friends about, and a wide range of answers is kinda what I'm looking for anyway (your personal thoughts or experiences). Note this is aimed at teenage boys, roughly 13-18, modern day.
1. What do guys talk about in gym class locker rooms?
2. If a guy suspected a girl was having her special time of month, what would he be thinking? Saying to his friends? Do boys actually even care/wonder, or is this not very likely?
3. Scene so far: Boy likes Girl (who's a friend) and kisses her (on the hand in one scenario, and on the cheek in a different one) as she's saying goodbye. What would he be thinking as he's working up the nerve to do this? Or maybe just spur of the moment?
Thanks in advance, this is stuff that really improves the writing with personal experiences.
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Off topic community pimpage

canon_details is a fandom version of little_details. We help answer canon-based questions that you can't find the answer for yourself (and certainly can't ask the good people of little_details about, what with the not pertaining the real-world facts and all). Whether it's a fact you can't remember, a question about a situation that you're not sure sounds plausible, or your interpretation of canon, you can ask about it and we'll do our best to answer. Or you can just hang around and wait to answer questions - that's good too!
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Gravity before newton

Setting: Misc fantasy countries based off real ones, including 1600ish europe (england, netherlands, and eastern russia) and 300AD-ish (Gupta era) India

Search terms used: Wiki pages for Kepler, newton & galileo, googling their names with "gravity", skimming their works online. Misc histories of science. Have also read a bit about Gupta science on wikipedia and in a book about Indian religion.

I'm trying to figure out how my characters would view gravity. The education level varies from astronomer to fisherman. They discover the existence of other worlds, some with different gravity, and while I know this would mess with their heads I'm trying to figure out how :)
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Naruto - KisaSaku love

Fan dance and eye damage

Okay, my Google-fu has failed me. Help? T_T

Setting: Naruto series setting-- for the non-anime watchers, it's kind of like a semi-modern ninja society that doesn't seem to be affected by outside countries or influences. There are various Hidden Villages that offer various level services that can range from weeding out someone's garden to assasination. They use various jutsus/martial arts to fight... and I don't think I'm explaining this well. Think elemental magic, as opposed to Harry Potter sense.
They have some technology such as TV's, phones, and some computers, but don't have any cars or guns.
The medical field is fairly advanced, in that they heal with chakra. It's hard to explain without me jabbering on for three pages, so I'll just blaspheme some more and call it eastern-magic again.

Keywords Tried: geisha fan dance, fan dance, eastern fan dance
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Keywords Tried: eye damage, optical damage, eye biology, eye physiology, eyes
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