February 11th, 2007

Japanese invocations, Gaelic/Hebrew endearments...

Two unrelated scenes [mumble] that may never see the light of day, so don't try too hard on this one, just if you happen to know... [/mumble].
Both are questions of both language and cultural detail. Not sure where/how to search, so pointing me at sites/search terms (in English, please...) would be if anything more useful than actual answers.
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Thanks for any and all help... I shall stop babbling now.
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Market Finder Update

10 new markets posted at market_finder with most of those either being podcast zines or from Sam's Dot Publishing. Several more markets have been posted at the MF Community Forums. While most were genre markets (particularly SFFH, with a Mystery market in the bunch as well), some were also Literary, so there was a nice spread.

Note that podcast markets often take standard submissions rather than audio submissions, so don't let the fact that a market is an audio zine deter you from submitting.

Hopefully the next update won't take me so long to get to or be so big. My apologies to those who flists were overwhelmed.

Chicago art scene details

Hi, guys. This is kind of a vague question. Let me know if it's inappropriate for this community.

Time is roughly present day. The narrator is an art student currently living in Chicago (but the bulk of the story takes place elsewhere and Chicago is not itself terribly important to the story.) I'm just looking for a few details to give the brief Chicago portions of the story an authentic taste. I don't need anything broad and obvious, like "there is an elevated train" or the names of neighborhoods, but -- for example -- but what kind of beer would a mid-20s, fresh-out-of-art-school Chicago hipster drink? Are there any notable clothing trends? A ubiquitous local synonym for "awesome"? A particular artist that Chicago art students would know and love or detest, but who would be largely unknown outside the city? An artist or band widely admired but scorned by those in the know?

I've searched numerous permutations of "Chicago" "art" "scene" "culture" and the like, but I'm really looking for specific anecdotes from people who've lived there. Anytime within the past five years is fine, and anything you can come up with will be very much appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance, and again, I hope this isn't totally inappropriate or unanswerable! If it is, please feel free to delete it.

US Armed Forces - Radiation exposure limits.

Present-day America.

Several Air Force personnel are required to scope out a facility which may or may not be "hot," radiation-wise. Because of this, they're equipped with dosimeters as well as geiger counters (my research indicates pen dosimeters rather than badge dosimeters; the pen type has a convenient readable meter in REMs). The person equipping them reminds them that they have to check them periodically, and says something to the effect of "Anything over X milliröntgens and you have to get out," and therein lies my problem.

First and most importantly, in such a situation, is there a standard limit for exposures? I've found information on people working in positions analogous to civilian workers, such as nuclear engineers or radiologists, I've found information on state limits (such as "There are some variations in different state responses. Washington State's regulations, for example, allow 5 rem (50 mSv) as the accepted exposure limit for emergency responders. Exceeding 5 rem requires a review and approval of the state health officer. The state then allows exposure up to 25 rem for life saving and higher for volunteers 'who understand the risks.' Other responders (in New Orleans, for example) are told to leave the area at over 10 rems" from AntiWar.com) and I've found information that says the limits for people working in high-radiation environments "such as nuclear war" is different, but I can't find a number attached to that. Is there one, or is it left to someone's discretion? (And if so, whose?)

Second and least importantly, would the dosimeter be in rems or sieverts? I'm lead to believe rems, but I have no hard data.

Third and... well, tangential, I guess, am I asking the right questions or do I have some basic assumptions terribly, terribly wrong? What little I know I've culled from disconnected Google searches, TV shows and a few fiction books, which are hardly authoritative resources.

I've read through the Wiki articles on radiation, radiation poisoning, dosimeters, military nuclear accidents, the Nuclear Emergency Support Team, and several of the articles in the Nuclear Safety category. I've Googled dosimeters, radiation limits armed forces, radiation limits, nuclear hazard radiation exposure, etc.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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Syringe jab to the carotid artery.

Time: 2005 (alternate universe or something though where technology is more advance than our present 2007)
Place: Japan

My question is, can a syringe jab to the carotid artery kill someone? I don't mean injecting an air embolism I mean simply the jab. If so how long do you think it would take? I've looked around via google and checked out wikipedia for it and haven't seen anything. Thanks!
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More London

Hi, guys. Here's yet another London question (a few, really).

On Halloween night (or the morning after, technically) 1975, two of my characters (a young man and woman who are sort of getting into a relationship, but not really) get a little tipsy and go wandering around Regent’s Park at two in the morning. Then they collapse and fall asleep on the ground. They wake up unscathed but very cold the next morning and wander out again.

My questions are: what would be going on in Regent’s Park at two in the morning after Halloween in 1975, if anything? Is it possible for people to just wander in there any time, or is the park closed at certain times? Is there any sort of authority that doesn’t let people sleep there, and kicks them out? And how cold does it get in London around Halloween—that is, could two people (huddled together, so they have shared body heat, at least), feasibly spend a night in the open (a rainy night, too, I might add) and not get frostbite?

Apologies for the ignorance of the American. :)
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