February 7th, 2007


Eating out with no teeth

My character has no teeth, and doesn't wear dentures. They're not lost due to age or decay - she just naturally has no teeth, due to not being completely human (a sluagh, for those who know the Changeling setting). I need to figure out what she can eat, besides soup and mashed potato.

The setting is the UK, and the present. I've searched for variations on the theme of 'food no teeth' but all I can find is stuff about pureeing stuff for babies.

Pureeing everything is not an option for my girl, as she's out and about a lot, and needs to be able to eat in restaurants and fast food places without looking overly conspicuous. To a normal human, she appears to have teeth, so eating nothing but soup would look strange. Does anyone have any suggestions for how she can eat and still pass as normal?

Edit: Thanks for the help, everyone. It looks like she can get away with eating most things so long as they aren't too crunchy and she can cut them up first.

City Guard sort of pre-1800s: Daily Life?

The situation: fantasy world, somewhere near the 15/1600s in terms of society, though lower in tech. Smallish hickish city, Tolkienish Epic War somewhere a couple weeks' ride away. A fairly substantial number of young people went to join the army.

Historically speaking, and leaving out the random magic and so forth, Would there be a town guard which stayed behind? If so, would it be entirely external defense or do some policing? What would the daily routine be like?

I've googled "town guard" and "watchmen" and so forth, but gotten nothing terribly useful; any hints on research would also be awesome.
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Tank Training?

I've discovered that Fort Knox is the main Tank training location for the U.S. Army. Apparently everyone who learns to drive a tank for the army has to go there for a time.

I've tried Googling this, but can't find any info on how long tank training would last, or how long someone would/could be stationed there. Would it be years or a matter of months?

Addendum: Discovered, from calling a phone number at the great link provided, that females do not drive tanks, which makes my question somewhat moot in context of my play. Thanks for the help.
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"Birds and the Bees" knowledge by teens in 1850's America

I've tried Googling this, but I can't find quite what I need.... It keeps pulling up completely irrelevant documents. My reference books that I own for things like this have even failed me!

I have a character who is a 15-year-old teenage girl in the time of 1850. She spent about 12 years in Boston before moving west with her family. She did have an education in Boston at a girls' school, but has not been schooled since arriving west. (Not sure if this is important information regarding my question.)

My question: How much would someone of her age and background know about "the birds and the bees"? Would this be something that her parents would tell her at all, or were women typically given this information only after they were engaged or even married? (She is neither.)

Thanks in advance for any help or tips where I could find this info!
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Cavities: how to describe the pain?

I haven't look much over google because, frankly, I want personal descriptions, and I have never had painful.

I'm about to write a character who get painful cavities.

  1. How would the first pain be?

  2. When would they become impossible to ignore?

  3. What do they feel like?

I'm not looking for something requiring root canal, but it should be painful enough that eating is a bother. I'm also looking for colorful metaphors. This is someone that would be only vaguely aware that people can and do get cavities, and never brushed his teeth (although the character is not actually human).