February 3rd, 2007


Historical seal hunting methods

What I'm looking for: specific, step-by-step methods for acquiring seal pelts with 18th and 19th century technology. Definitely pre-steamship. Photos of equipment or diagrams and formations are a plus. (This site is on the right track, but the information is scarce.) I want methods for killing adults as well as pups.

What I've already found: Endless pages of people bitching about Prada and Versace buying seal pelts from Greenland. Several descriptions of seal clubbing, especially the young "whitecoats." A passing mention that sometimes an iron spike in the skull was used, but no description of where you stick it, how much force that would take, or how many tries.

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Bobinet, Hungarian theatre, La Vie Parisienne, Párizsi élet

Describing jujitsu groundfighting

I am attempting to describe a scene involving what are essentially jujitsu or judo groundfighting techniques, from the point of view of someone unfamiliar with the techniques who is basically being demonstrated on.

Unfortunately, my experience with groundfighting consists of one Brazilian jujitsu. seminar about 6 years ago and a brief introduction to leg sweeps in kungfu last week (which is not really groundfighting per se).

I've tried searching for "jujitsu fiction" "martial arts fiction" and "jujitsu techniques" and variants thereof and have come up with (a) fetish porn, (b) overly technical martial arts websites, and (c) stories about karate, which aren't helpful. I think the ideal research material would be fiction about jujitsu or judo written for a non-martial arts audience (and thus light on the Japanese technique names), but I'm coming up blank.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dyes and where they were made

Does anyone know Where dyes were created and used to dye fabrics? I'd like to know if there's a name for the exact infrastructure/building this process would take place in, preferably with a historical context.The only thing I can think of is "dyery" which makes me think of dairy, haha.

Or maybe there isn't a specific name? Would it just be known as the dye building or something?

TIA-- I appreciate it!

P.S. More on context: This is for a pre-industrial fantasy story loosely based around history. No other specifics, though :)
e. st v. millay

Eighteenth Century Capitalization

I've done searches for "eighteenth century capitalization", "&c. &c. spelling" or "grammar", and I've found a bit on usual spellings (e-and-i reversals, single Ls in adverbs, phonetic past participle endings) but what I really need to know is what the rules were for capitalization. Are all nouns capitalized, just abstract nouns, nouns referring to people ...? I figure there must be someone here who has an interest in this sort of thing and could point me to the rule, or lack of.